Five years ago I traveled to Texas with my friend Ali to meet our long-time friend Brene. We were there because Brene invited us to film a couple of segments for her life-changing course for 

At the time, I was having a bit of a confidence crisis, but this trip fully rearranged my soul and reignited the spark of Possibility for me. How? By watching my friend Brene do her amazing work in the world, I was inspired to do the same. You can read more about that trip here and here. 

I came home from that trip and got to work on my first ever painting ecourse, Hello Soul Hello Mixed-Media Mantras. 

Watching Brene do her thing with the Oprah production team, cameras, hair, make-up, mics, etc fully demystified the process for me. Before I knew it, I came home and crafted up an amazing curriculum of my own for what would become my first painting course. I then worked with a professional videographer, got comfortable in front of the camera, and over the course of a few days, filmed what would become a course I am still wildly proud of. We even had my friend Lynx as my on-air student – something that wasn’t being done at the time in courses, but is so very helpful! 

Five years later, I am retiring this painting ecourse (read my last post for all the reasons why). It will no longer be available after Sept 12th.

This course changed my life. From the time spent with Brene that sparked the possibility for it, to the creation of it, to the tremendous outpouring of love for it, to the ways it pushed my edges to greater horizons, to the community of kindreds it has created, to the positive financial impact it had on my business, to the ripples that I know it has created in the lives of many. 

LIke any good retirement party, I think it’s important to tell the story of the beginnings, and I wanted am grateful for this painting course’s beginnings.

It will no longer be available after 9/12, so please join us for one last hurrah!  Spread the news!

I think it’s really important that we celebrate beginnings, middles, AND endings. Please join me for the Retirement Party which will be held online at 11am PST on Wed, Sept 12th via Facebook Live AND Instagram Live. There will be fun stories, celebrations, and a place to gather and send these creations out with love and gratitude. I hope you’ll join me! You can find me here: Facebook or Instagram

So much love!


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