Wear Your Joy: Warming Up With Layers!

Jan 3, 2017 | My Creative Practice, Wear Your Joy™

Hello friends! Here are my most recent Wear Your Joy moments. As always, this personal practice continues to inspire. Wanna join me? Click over here for all the details!

Sunday, November 27

wyj nov 27

@rachelawes introduced me to @gudrunsworld and now I’m all smitten and obsessed. Super cozy leggings and tunic for the win.

Wednesday, December 7

wyj dec 7

Anybody have a good source for cozy knee socks with or without ruffles? I’m on the hunt!

Tuesday, December 13

wyj dec 13

Haven’t been out of the house since Saturday. Feeling better over here and rocking a nightgown over leggings.

Thursday, December 22

wyj dec 22

You guys. I’ve trying a few new things when it comes to my clothes. I recently bought a pair of cozy pink on red chevron leggings (from @gudrunsworld) and they’ve inspired more layering of the legs. Why not warmers over boots over leggings? Why not pattern dresses over pattern leggings. It’s like a whole new world. The Wear Your Joy practice continues to inspire me to open up more allowances toward the spirit in me that wants to PLAY. Permission granted.

Thursday, December 29

wyj dec 29

You guys. It’s hard to tell but I have lost a solid 8 pounds and more importantly, I’m feeling really strong. I’ve been working out HARD three times per week for the last two months (I have a tricep popping out!). I’ve also been counting points (some weeks strictly, most not so much) via WW. I am surprised at how much I’m learning at the gym and how good I feel. I am just now seeing/feeling the difference and it makes the last two months worth it and encourages me to keep going. Momentum, ya’ll! I have about 10 more pounds to go, but I’d be really happy if I didn’t lose any weight but just got stronger with lean muscles. Getting there. How’s your Possibilitarian fitness going. We can do this y’all. Let’s take our time.

Friday, December 20

wyj dec 30

Two things. 1) Thank you for the love on my last selfie. Feels good to know we’re in this wellness together. 2) Big thanks to those of you who introduced me to @graceandlaceco a few weeks back. Not only did I find some great socks, I also discovered their shirt/tunic extenders. Who knew those existed? I feel like they just extended my outfit options to infinity! I’m wearing one of the extenders in this photo under one of my favorite tunics (by @gudrunsworld). Shortly after snapping this capture, I headed out for my annual chart reading by my all time favorite astrologer, Carol Ferris. If you’re looking to have someone affirm for you why you are who you are, and what’s next for you, I can’t recommend her enough (you can google her). Big xo.

Sending much love,

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