I’m Kelly Rae Roberts. And I’m a Possibilitarian.

I believe that art has the transformative power to heal (both the maker and the receiver of that art).

I believe that we get to make the rules, that we get to choose, that we get to craft the exact life that has been waiting for us. And when we do, we become fully alive.

I also believe that we are meant for the complicated journeys of brokenness and wholeness, vulnerability and courage, wisdom and silliness. Sometimes all at once. But more on that, later.

An Accidental Artist

I spent my early career as a clinical medical social worker — counseling broken hearts, and helping others through the fights of their lives. It was powerful, important work — but my heart began to grow restless.

Until . . . I started playing with paint, at age 30. And everything shifted and changed and opened up. A new way of experiencing, translating, sharing & being in the world was born.

Possibilities, unbound. Hello, soul calling. Hello, creative life.

I painted & crafted & shredded & stenciled & smudged & smeared like my heart depended on it. I started to chronicle my small baby steps, and my big opportunities. My portfolio bloomed. I launched my shop. I got a book deal. I wrote the book. Magazines came knocking. My art found new eyes. Big deals came a’calling. Contracts were signed. My art became licensed — landing in home decor stores & gift shops all over the world (dream. come. true.) I filled my blog with incredibly (true) stories of art and love and friendship, unexpected hearts, photos of my pregnant belly, and labor-of-absolute-love home renovations. I   launched an e-course — then ebooks. Through it all, I wanted to share what I’d learned by crafting a creative life — how full my heart had become. People listened. The kindness kept building.

I realized something extraordinary — all my training as a

social worker? It wasn’t for nothing.

I was still listening, sharing, healing, navigating messy emotions, making an impact — except using a paintbrush in a studio, instead of a clipboard in a hospital. Same message. New medium. Full circle.

And so, I kept making — and selling — and licensing — my art.

My work has gone on to find it’s way into thousands and

thousands of boutiques since I began licensing in 2009.

And now, here I am. A little bit dazzled. A little bit dazed. With a little boy named True who’s 3, and a husband named John who cheers on my once ‘impractical’ but now oh-so real dream to be a working artist and writer.

Life is messy, precious & good.

Possibilities abound.

Gratitude surrounds.

My heart is finally, beautifully . . . open.

My mission is to keep telling the truth — with ink, paper & paint.

Thank you for visiting — and for spending a moment in my Possibilitarian world. May it inspire you to discover & create what your heart needs most.

Kelly Rae

Last but not least — The Quirks & Slumber Party Secrets:

 * As a child, I lived for eating fried chicken every Sunday afternoon, fishing with an old tattered piece of bamboo, and playing checkers with my 85-year old granddad. Real life. Rural Florida style.
* I have a gap between my two front teeth. I sort of love it.
* I’ve owned exactly one piece of black clothing in my whole life.
* My cowgirl boots make my insanely happy.
* I love coke slurpees from the 7/11.
* I met my husband, fell in love, and moved from Florida to Portland, Oregon with him, 12 weeks later. We were 23 years old.
* I’ve worn glasses since I was eleven years old and I’m very, very far-sighted.
* Nearly every single personality test I’ve taken reveals that I’m on the ‘cusp’ of two categories. Introverted AND extroverted. Right brain AND left brain. What can I say? I cherish both sides . . . and I’m pretty easy-going.
* I’m proud of my career, and I’m proud of the life I’ve created. But mostly, I’m proud of the way I transitioned into motherhood — the scariest, richest, most rewarding journey of my life.
* I drink black tea each and every morning with milk, not half and half, thank you very much.
* I’m completely fascinated by other people’s daily routines — when they wake up, what they eat for breakfast, when they get to work, where they get inspired . . . our rhythms & spaces say so much about us.
* I often laugh in my sleep.
* I laugh even more when I’m awake.
* Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or cereal sound like perfectly delicious meals to me.
* We named our baby boy True for true love, truth, true north, and all things true.