eCourses to Awaken Your Creativity
No matter the venue, each Radiate Session was about the same thing: Bringing forth your creative brilliance

Art Dates with Kelly Rae

Monthly Painting Videos + Dispatches from my Studio

You’re invited to inspiring art dates! With me! Every month! This is not an instructional teaching course, but it sure is packed with exclusive heart-led creativity + conversation + so much more. It’s like a super fun art date at my studio, but virtually of course!

Let’s let art out + let love in. Every month. Together.

Make It A Date!

Wear Your Joy™ 

A Course About Remembering Who You Are

There have been many seasons of my life when I’ve dreaded getting dressed each morning. As a result, I lost a real sense of who I was. Wear Your Joy™ started as an experiment in rediscovering and reclaiming myself, and it has grown from there, sparking a movement of conscious joy wearers.

This is about so MUCH more than the clothes.

Start Wearing Your Joy

You + Self-Kindness

A 30-Day Journey Of Courageous Care For Your Heart

My personal self-kindness work (post-trauma) led me towards an extraordinary journey of healing + awakening. At the heart of it were the self-kindness practices that I slowly integrated into my everyday life.

I’m offering up all of my favorite practices, thoughts, stories, and hard-earned lessons in hopes of illuminating the lights within all of us that are craving more tender, loving, joyful kindness.

Because self-kindness changes everything.

Start your 30 day self-kindness journey

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