Sacred offerings

to Support Your Possibilitarian Path

Art Dates with Kelly Rae

Monthly painting videos and more

Packed full of all the good things art dates are made of: painting, conversation, tea, music, life updates, and more.

Each month, I send painting videos showing you how I create, in my home studio. Plus, several insider view videos showing what art + business projects I’m working on that month, a conversation with an art friend, favorite things I can’t live without, a music playlist, books I’m loving, and more, including a LIVE get together each month via Zoom!

Wear Your Joy

Let’s Make Your Heart Visible & Wearable

Creating a practice of wearing my joy changed my life. In this course, I share everything I’ve learned about how to develop a beloved morning routine of self-kindness, and conscious joy wearing.

This course is about remembering who you are; opening your heart and awakening to new ways of seeing yourself. No more dreading getting dressed, or going through the process unconsciously. Begin your day with creative delight and soul-love.

The Radiate Sessions

Small Group Creative Biz Mentoring

Are you ready to radiate bright new possibilities for your creative business? And do the work you were put on Earth to do? Let’s do it, together. The Radiate Session small group mentoring experience is like having your own personal Possibilitarian (me!) in your pocket!

I’ll be your personal strategist, laser-focused mentor, accountability partner, and cheerleader – all while taking your creative business to new, I-had-no-idea-it-could-be-this-awesome levels.

The Possibilitarian Path

A Weekly Woman’s Circle

Join me and a small group of women for 12-weeks of heart-led weekly Zoom circles – all with a shared goal of coming into deeper alignment with all that is possible in their lives.

I have experienced over and over again the powerful shifts that occur when women gather and reflect to one another their vibrancy.

It is an invitation to awaken the life that is calling you and listen to the whisper that say, “more joy, more connection, more tuning in, more possibility.”

Self-kindness Changes Everything

29 self-kindness missions + prompts

Explore a practice of consciously opening your heart to yourself so that you’re more connected, more at ease, and more aligned with the truth of your own light.

Packed with essays and thoughtful missions to help you pause for a few sacred moments each day so that you not only see your magnificence, but you become the guardian of it, tending to it daily with kindness.

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