Every Retreat

calls in the exact right constellation of women.

Magic happens. Beauty is created. And joyful transformation unfolds.

A few times each year, I gather with fellow kindreds for a few days of connection.

It’s always a magical time. 

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Upcoming Retreats

“I am so grateful that I got to spend the week with Kelly Rae doing her transformational workshop!

I had never painted before and had no idea what I was to expect. I was so happy to meet Kelly Rae and her sweet energy!  She opened up my heart, my hand with a paintbrush and allowed a beautiful awakening to occur with each piece I created. Thank you so much Kelly Rae for sharing your amazing gift and encouraging me to continue to trust my own gifts and path! You are a true light and inspiration to me! I am honored to know and to have shared space with you.”

-Marisa Goldstein, Creative Retreat Participant.

“Kelly Rae’s in-person workshop was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

She is even more charming, inspirational, and instructional in person! Between our soul work, watching demonstrations, time for play and artistic exploration, and connecting with a group of like-minded sisters, this retreat helped me tap into my authentic, creative, fun-loving, and deep thinking self. I loved every second of it.

-Cynthia Cary, Creative Retreat Participant.

A peak into past retreats

I lead creative wellness and creative business retreats….

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“I fumbled along at home, alone, doing what I knew how to do for four years now,

and you can only get so far knowing what you know. I came here, and now I’m leaving with a much clearer path forward, with specific steps to take, which is what I truly needed.”

-Timalee Nevels, Business Retreat Participant.

“I have participated in Kelly Rae’s online courses, but nothing compares to the experience of being pulled into her open-heart way of being, learning how to create your own angels.

Starting each retreat day by getting in touch with what your soul already knows was so powerful and magical.

I didn’t realize how much more I would walk away with beyond the artwork. I think about my time at Spirit Wings…and it brings me back to who I am and the grace that came out of being with Kelly Rae and the other amazing women who were a part of it.” 

-Michelle Whitaker, Creative Retreat Participant.

“The best ‘gift’ I ever gave to myself was to attend Kelly Rae Roberts Spirit Wings class.

Kelly Rae’s warm and nurturing manner allowed me to relax, be fully present and play with my art! It was truly a joyful and transformational experience!”

-Tracey Allegro, Creative Retreat Participant.

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