I’m a former social worker turned artist.

I’m here to encourage you to trust and follow your whispers. The loud ones nudging you toward more joy and creativity and possibility and aliveness, and the soft ones, too, that lovingly suggest more self-care, more self-kindness, more healing.

Welcome, friend.

Everything on this site is here to support you as you tune in and bravely answer the sacred calls of your heart.

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Awaken Your Creativity

You want to explore or deepen your creativity – both on and off the canvas – even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush or consider yourself a ‘creative’ person.

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Nourish Your Soul

You want encouragement, inspiration, and guidance on how to silence the noise, develop a self-kindness practice, and bravely care for your whole self, like you’re the guest of honor in your own life.

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You want to start or grow your creative business and you’d love help getting full, radiant clarity on how to align your purpose with profits you can be proud of. Hello soul, hello business!

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Wear Your Joy

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An Online Sacred Space

Hello new life of being OUTSIDE.

I truly cannot remember a time that I've ever been outside this much. Back in Portland, I was more homebound, which was okay as I loved our home very much. But I didn't get outside much. I had less time to roam and when I did, I resisted the commutes and the crowds....

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Simpler, slower life cravings

This move, selling a ton of our stuff, giving a lot of it away, and settling into a simpler/slower life is reminding me of the time - shortly after John was diagnosed with cancer and life came sharply into focus - when we quit our jobs, sold our first house, our...

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The summer True was 8

  We've been here, in our new city of Sisters, OR for five months. After a few expected transition struggles, True is flourishing. Things I want to remember about this summer, the summer True was eight: Enjoying a screen-free summer (with an occasional exception...

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She is not broken. She is whole

She invites the embodiment of what it means to be whole. Despite the seasons of fragility and uncertainty, her Spirit emerges strong, sturdy, and unbroken. Her heart is willingly cracked open to healing and light, and she is empowered by all that she's learned along...

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Before I  picked up my first paintbrush at the age of 30, I was a medical social worker, counseling patients and families through medical crises. It was powerful, important work, but my heart began to grow restless. And then…I followed my whispers and started playing with paint, and everything about my life changed.

Through it all, I’ve learned that creativity, self-care, and entrepreneurship can – and should – be used as bridges to the soul. They have been powerful teachers and healers for me, encouraging me to confidently radiate my purpose and be a light in the world. The same is possible for you. Everything on this site is here to show you how your creativity, your self-care practice, and even your creative business can be potent messengers for receiving your highest, most joyful guidance.

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