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Wear your joy™ is soul work — with style

A self-paced, four part course that will transform your experience of getting dressed each day into a practice of celebrating your self.

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A private online classroom with dozens of thoughtful activities, stories, lessons, journal prompts, style adventures, and more.

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Does this sound familiar?


I have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. Getting dressed feels like a daily, unexciting chore. When I look in the mirror, I don’t love what I see.


I admire other women’s style, but I don’t think I can pull it off. I worry about being judged, so I usually play it safe with clothes.


I’ve gained or lost weight, aged, had a baby, or have experienced major transition and I just don’t know how to dress my changing body (and soul) anymore.

I get it, I have felt this way too.

There have been many seasons of my life when I’ve dreaded getting dressed each morning. As a result, I lost a real sense of who I was. Wear Your Joy™ started as an experiment in rediscovering and reclaiming myself, and it has grown from there, sparking a movement of conscious joy wearers.

This is about so MUCH more than the clothes.

This practice will open your heart and awaken new ways of seeing yourself. In so many ways, this course is about remembering who you are.

Chariti’s Story

Age: 45
Career: Director of A Life Coaching Program

“Who knew that a course about clothing could be SO life changing?!?

In just the first week alone, I’ve experienced a deep sense of loving appreciation for my body (which is new for a gal that’s carried around body shame like a badge of honor for 41 years). I’ve re-invented my wardrobe, and I’ve made more sweet + supportive + genuine friends than I can count on two hands. I am so so grateful for this course.”

Who is this for?
Why this work matters

Women who want their morning routine to be a meditation on self-love and celebration.

Women who admire other women’s style but haven’t allowed themselves to try it.

Women who are ready to free themselves from style “shoulds” and embrace where they are today, no matter their size or cash flow.

Women who want to break free from negative self-talk and see themselves through a compassionate, joyful lens.

Women who want to get out of a “rut” and rediscover everyday joy again.

Women who want a vibrant community of other joy wearers.

Courtney’s Story

Age: 25
Career: Social Work

A couple years ago, I gained a lot of weight and no longer felt comfortable enough to wear the clothes I loved. I wanted to wear whatever would help me hide the most. After Wear Your Joy™, getting dressed now feels like an adventure! I completely purged my closet and stopped fantasizing about maybe one day fitting back into my old clothes.

I decided to not only accept but also APPRECIATE me and give myself permission to wear whatever the heck I wanted!

The more joy I wore, the more sunshine I felt and saw through my depression and anxiety. Before, I felt like Charlie Brown, always walking around with a cloud over my head. Now, I’m more intentional about FINDING and SEEKING joy in all things, not just my clothing.

Wearing my joy makes me braver and more courageous to take on life and all its messy, brutal, and beautiful moments. I’m more gentle with my heart and give myself the permission to not hide, to love me for me, and to no longer just tolerate myself, but to really and truly adore myself and all my messiness.

How it works
Why this work matters

When you sign up, you’ll receive access to our private classroom where all of the content will be waiting for you.

You can work your way through the content at a pace that feels good for you. You have forever access to the class. Hello, ease!

Here’s a peek at what you’ll explore in the course:

Week 1 : Elevate your joy
Week 2 : Claim + Honor Your Joy
Week 3 : Dress Up Your Joy
Days 18-22 : Permissions + Allowances

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Come join us for what has been a profound experience for so many women.

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Sharon’s Story

Age: 59
Career: Artist

Before Wear Your Joy™, I’d lost my way with fashion. My closet was full, but my style felt empty and no longer reflective of who I was.

I knew I should wear things that I loved, but I had somehow lost my confidence to do so because I worried about what other people thought. Wear Your Joy™ showed me that it’s possible to wear what you love AND look stylish and confident. That was a true surprise.

I can open my closet and know that whatever I put on will be appropriate, feel good, and reflect who I am today. It’s so fun because I no longer buy anything I don’t love. Every piece of clothing I have gives me joy…truly!

I now choose how I want to spend my time more thoughtfully, learning to say ‘no’ to things that I don’t really enjoy. Wear Your Joy™ taught me it’s not only ok, but important, to make your life your own. It has truly changed my life for the better. Of all the online courses I’ve taken, this one was one of the most important and influential.

“This by far has been one of the BEST self-awareness things I have ever done for myself.

I host a retreat for women who have experienced sexual trauma. One of the questions I’m often asked is: ‘How do I change the tapes playing in my head?’ I have never had such a clear and defined answer for that question as I do now, after the Wear Your Joy™ experience. Kelly Rae has given us a treasure trove of ways to ‘re-write’ our tapes (or gremlins), and experience real self-love and real joy. Now, the women who come to my retreat will not only see the inside of my heart, but the outside too, because I now wear my joy.”

- Wear Your Joy™ Student

I read the first 100 words and immediately burst into tears of relief.

I feel a sense of reconciliation and openness filling my heart already, in the way I relate to the world and to myself, to the mama-me, the artist-me, the wife-me, and, well, just me.”

— Laly

“I have LOVED every moment, every word and lesson.

Like all of Kelly Rae’s classes, this is an invitation to show up, go deep, listen to your heart’s whispers, have fun, grow and be more than you ever dreamed YOU could be!!”

— Carol McCracken

“This is the first time ever I’ve really felt beautiful

I have worked for years on trying to break out of the negative thinking and self talk about my body… Nothing has been as profoundly effective at changing ALL OF THAT as the Wear Your Joy™ course.”

- Wear Your Joy™ student