You + Self Kindness: A 30-Day Journey

is for women who are ready to honor their worthiness and explore a more compassionate relationship with themselves.

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Because self-kindness changes everything.

Our souls are craving self-compassion

to nourish, heal, empower, transform, and listen to your wisest, most loving Self.

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Soul-stirring stories, journaling exercises and gentle truth-telling lessons.

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“I have savored opening every email.
I have a pretty well established spiritual practice, so I didn’t think it was for me but I decided to do and it has been so nurturing for me. I have gained so much from each day and have savored opening every email. You have helped me so much Kelly Rae. Thank you!”

- Shelly Lang

Are you ready to feel more connected, more at ease, and more aligned with the truth of our own light?

We all have limiting beliefs and critical-self talk that keep us small, sabotaging our efforts to create the lives that are often waiting for us – lives full of wellness, peace, and ease.

This 30 day self-kindness journey will inspire you to pause for a few sacred moments each day and connect with your heart in deeply meaningful ways. You will not only see and feel your magnificence but you will become the guardian of it, tending to it daily with kindness.

Why this work matters
Why this work matters

When we embrace the holy mess of our lives and integrate a healthy practice of self-kindness, we judge ourselves (and others) less and create more room for love.

When we compassionately bring the shadows of our negative self-talk/ thoughts/beliefs into the light, we begin to dismantle their power and experience true freedom.

When we treat ourselves like the guest of honor of our own life, an unburdening occurs, a deliberate laying down of all that no longer serves us.

We’re more easily able to access our highest, wisest selves for clarity and guidance if we’re in a loving, compassionate relationship with ourselves.

Treating ourselves with exquisite self-care and kindness gives others permission to do the same, including our children.

By the end of our 30 days together, you will have become a fierce guardian of your light, tending to it daily with continued kindness.

“I cannot even begin to share all that has been transformed in my thinking and being through your words and your big love.
What a great gift to myself each morning to read these emails. I have been generous with myself through your encouragement, and I have ended this month in a place of joy and peace.”

- Carol White

How it works
Why this work matters

For 30 days, you’ll receive meaningful essays with gentle lessons – delivered straight to your inbox. It all begins the moment you sign up.

Days 1-8 : Belief Work
Days 9-11 : Unlearning + Unhooking
Days 12-17 : Claiming your Worthiness
Days 18-22 : Permissions + Allowances
Days 23-27 : Boundaries + Self -care
Days 28-30 : Forgiveness + Love

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“It has been a profound journey.
It was such a treat to “have coffee” with you each morning this past month. It has been a profound journey, & your guidance was most welcome. Your message is profoundly important, & I wish you the tenacity, peace, & energy to continue sharing it.”

— Virginia Poggi

As a former clinical social worker, I’ve always been an advocate for inner soul work. I deeply believe in the power of healing and transformation that comes with pausing each day for a few moments of self-reflection. My deepest self-kindness work, however, began in my mid 30’s when my son was born. I suffered intense birth trauma, which led me towards an extraordinary journey of healing.

I learned many lessons during this time, an up-leveling of awakening. At the heart of it were the self-kindness practices that I slowly integrated into my everyday life.

These practices have been traveling with me on my path ever since, companions that have helped sustain a thriving self-care wellness practice that is at the heart of my experience as a human.

In You + Self-Kindness: A 30 Day Journey, I’m offering up all of my well-loved practices, thoughts, stories, and hard-earned lessons in hopes of illuminating the lights within all of us that are craving more tender, loving, joyful kindness.

“Thank you for being the bearer of the thousand tiny seeds needed to make this commitment to self kindness.”

— Jess Funch

“I am cherishing these daily re-set buttons of love and kindness.
I read them first thing in the morning, before my yoga practice, and they fill my heart with soft, sweet thoughts and powerful insights for the whole day. THANK YOU!”

— Sorrel