Idea to Done :

Plan, create, + launch your online offering


Let’s distill your heart & brilliance into a gorgeous online offering.

Enrollment is closed for 2022.

What if

• You could create a beautiful (and profitable) online offering in just 8 weeks?

• You didn’t have to do it alone and had an abundance of real-time individualized support every step of the way?

• It was fun and easy? With a gorgeous group of other creative women cheering you on?

Have you ever looked at offerings online and thought, I could do that! Or wondered if you could?

Or maybe you’re ready to up level your current online offerings and are wondering if you could make something more profitable, more authentic, more you.

The answer is YES! And we’ll show you how.

Idea to Done

is an 8 week workshop devoted to walking you through the entire process of creating a powerful (and profitable) online offering.

Our commitment is to guide you with ease, joy and unlimited support.

You read that correctly: UNLIMITED SUPPORT.


We’re here to help you:


• Get clear on your specific genius and distill it into a signature online offering for your people.

• Decide what type of offering best suits your content (ie. E-course, Zoom circle, membership program, e-book, email course, etc.)

• Let go of any self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. We’ll help you trust your creative ideas and move past anything that’s holding you back. 

• Choose technical solutions that are just right for you.

• Create an irresistible name and price for your offering.

•  Create a compelling, heart-centered sales page that will convert into profits you can be proud of.

• Create a heart-led marketing and launch plan that will be a joy to implement.

And perhaps best of all? Get real-time individualized support every step of the way!

Oh my gosh, yes please!

It’s time to expand your reach, radiate your
brilliance, and make money.

Enrollment is closed for 2022

We are optimizing for
ease, togetherness, and loads of support.

Creating a powerful offering doesn’t have to be a heavy lift.

It doesn’t need to be overly complicated or require lots of research + new skill sets. Sometimes we just need someone to hold our hand and walk us through all the steps along the way.

We promise not to overwhelm you with content, homework and things to read. (We know your schedule is already filled to the brim).

The magic of this course is that we will do the work together.


On every live Zoom call, we will take on another piece of the puzzle and guide you through a process in real time so that you come away with a completed chunk of the work.

You’ll feel the collaborative magic (and accountability) as you bring your vision to life.

In addition to our weekly live workshops, we are committed to giving you real-time support and mentorship every step of the way.

Feeling stuck? Email us! Have a question about your sales page or course content outline? Email us! We are excited to share the knowledge we’ve acquired over the last decade+ of teaching online with you. We want to see you succeed!


This is for you if

You are an artist, a coach, a writer (or any other type of creative creature!) who is ready to clarify and distill your creative brilliance and ideas into a unique and powerful online offering.

You are a soulful creator who has a lot of ideas, but needs help narrowing your focus and getting your project done.

You have a ready-to-go concept, but you need accountability, support and feedback in order to make it happen.

You’ve been putting off a project like this (perhaps due to fear, self-doubt, or perfectionism) and you’re ready to finally take the leap.

You have other ecourses or online offerings, but you’re seeking new ways of widening your vision for a new offering.

You crave individualized support through whatever comes up (overwhelm, tech hurdles, etc) as well as a vibrant community of other creators.

We believe in your brilliance

How it  Works

Clarity + Confidence 2-Day Intensive

By the end of the intensive, you will know what your offering will be.

Even better? You’ll understand why YOU are the exact right person to offer it. Intentions will be set, community will be made, limiting beliefs will be worked through, and fireworks will go off inside your heart.

You’ll feel clear, confident, and inspired to spend the next several weeks birthing your offering.

Weekly Live Sessions

Following our kickoff, you will experience:

• Engaging, inspiring, and informative weekly live video sessions (2 hours each) on Thursdays from 10am-12pm PST.

• Weekly live office hours on Mondays from 1-2pm PST.

• Guidance on aspects like outlining your content, writing an amazing sales page, choosing a classroom format, marketing and celebrating your launch. Alllllllll the details will be covered.

• Weekly sessions will be experiential. On every live Zoom call, we will take on another piece of the puzzle, and  guide you through a process in real time so that you come away with a completed piece of the process.

• Can’t make the call? No worries, everything will be recorded, and you can watch it anytime.

• Between sessions, you’ll have ample time to continue working on your project with clear, actionable steps. No hustling, fast-paced expectations here. One small step at a time.

Weekly Live Office Hours

Each week, we’ll offer live office hours via zoom (1 hour each). Show up and get your questions answered live. Can’t make it? No worries, these sessions will be recorded.

1:1 Support

We will offer unlimited support via email throughout the entire 8 weeks. Think of us as your personal coaches, providing problem-solving, cheerleading, tech support, and mentorship every step of the way.

From Idea to Done:

Topics We’ll Cover 


Clarity & Confidence

We’ll help you get clear on what you’re offering, have a working title for it, understand its essence and have a clear path forward. Even better? You’ll understand why YOU are the exact right person to offer it. Intentions will be set, community will be made, limiting beliefs will be worked through, and fireworks will go off inside your heart.

Sales Page

We’ll take you through all the steps of creating a compelling sales page that your audience won’t be able to resist. You’ll be surprised at how joyful writing a sales page can be, like writing a love letter to your people.  A thoughtful, engaging sales page that converts to sign-ups is crucial. We’ll help you knock it out of the park

Curriculum mapping, elements of a great course, and pricing your course

We’ll walk you through what makes a compelling and engaging course while guiding you to create a thorough outline of all you want to cover in your offering. You’ll have a clear map of your content. We’ll help you price your offering, and walk you through all the things to consider (installments, how to take payment, etc).

Format + Delivery options

Now that you know what you want to teach, we’ll help you determine how you want to deliver your content. Whether it’s video, written lessons, audio, or a combination of all three, we’ll help you find a format that feels just right. We’ll walk you through all the options, including types of courses, platforms, and tech solutions. You’ll feel excited to start plugging your content into whatever delivery method you’ve chosen.

Content Creation & Tech Solutions

In the spirit of ease, we’ll devoting a couple of weeks to plugging in your content into the format you’ve chosen. We will encourage accountability and community for this phase so that you’ll stay on track!

Launching + Marketing

We’re devoting two weeks to walking through an amazing menu of ideas for reaching your ideal audience – the people you’d LOVE to work with. You’ll be encouraged to pick the options that make the most sense for you, your offering, your season of life, and more.  


We believe in celebrating. And no program would be complete without a little graduation ceremony! You’ll get to announce/share your offering with everyone in the workshop (and likely get several signups!)

Enrollment is closed for 2022.

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About your  Guides

Kelly Rae Roberts

I’m an artist, author, entrepreneur, mother. I’m also a social worker (MSW) and practiced as a clinical medical social worker for years before I began making art.

I’ve been running my business since 2006, and it just keeps getting better.

When it comes to online offerings, I’ve successfully launched signature ecourses, mini-ecourses, subscriptions, memberships, virtual coaching circles, ebooks, and more. Many of them have generated six-figure revenue! 

I’m grateful + excited to co-lead this offering with one of my favorite people on the planet, Andrea Scher. We love to support other entrepreneur sisters by sharing the hard-won lessons we’ve learned along the way.

We know just the right constellation of women will join us to form a powerful, beautiful community of soul-driven entrepreneurs.  

Andrea Scher

Andrea Scher, CPCC is an author, artist and life coach whose work is driven by her belief in the transformative power of creativity for joy and wellbeing. For nearly two decades, through her award-winning blog Superhero Journal, her Creative Superheroes podcast, and her bestselling e-courses, Andrea has thrilled others with their own power to find magic all around them.

Andrea has led thousands of women through her signature course Mondo Beyondo as well as dozens of other courses over the past 15 years. 

Her new book, Wonder Seeker: 52 Ways to Wake up Your Creativity and Find Your Joy (HarperCollins) straddles the world of creativity and mindfulness – playfully inspiring readers to live more vibrant lives full of presence, joy and connection. 

You can learn more about Andrea on her website or follow her on Instagram!

Enrollment is closed for 2022.

Hop on the waitlist for 2023.


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