Possibilitarian Path

A 12-week women’s circle

Dear friends,

I’ve been dreaming of being in community with other women who are inspired to step deeper into trusting the calls of their hearts. Women who want to further awaken parts of themselves that want to be seen. Women who want to explore what is possible when we’re guided, inspired, and held in sacred witnessing.




Introducing The Possibilitarian Path:
A 12-Week Women’s Circle

is to gather a small group of women for 12-weeks of heart-led weekly circles – all with a shared goal of coming into deeper alignment with all that is possible in their lives.

This is for you if

You want to further awaken and explore what’s calling you within a small circle of like-minded women who are all doing similar soul work.

You are excited to listen deeper to your life, what wants to emerge, what’s in the way, and how to shift into greater alignment with ease, joy, and possibility.
You’re open-minded and sincerely committed to showing up for weekly 2 hour live zoom circles that will be full to the brim with inspiration, check ins, love, kindness, witnessing, and loving accountability.
You are willing to take gentle and loving care of yourself along the way.
You trust the most perfect and right constellation of women will be in the weekly circle and you are willing to share/participate during weekly circles, understanding that your participation is crucial.
You are comfortable with terms like Creator, Source, Universe and love the magic that can unfold when we lean deeper into meditation, visualization, mantras, affirmations, angel cards, energetics, and more.

This is an invitation

to further awaken the life that is calling you and listen to the whispers that say,

“More joy, more connection,
more tuning in, more possibility.”

At the present time, all The Possibilitarian Path circles are SOLD OUT.

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I have experienced over and over again the powerful shifts that occur when women gather and reflect to one another their vibrancy.

We come more alive, more in tune with our hearts, and more inspired to live the lives that call to us.

I have been gathering with women in circles since I was a young girl, both as a participant and later as a facilitator.


As an artist and social worker (MSW), I have had the honor of leading countless groups of women both in person and online for the last 20 years.

I have always been astounded by what is possible when women come together in safe, guided circles, where we are invited to step further inside the cathedrals of our own hearts with tons of permissions, laughter, witnessing, and aha’s. It has been truly one of my life’s greatest, most consistent gifts – to travel in these heart-led spaces with women.

If your heart is saying, “YES!” and you want to explore what’s next for you, what wants attention, and what wants to emerge, please consider joining us!

Are you ready?


  • $999 USD for 12 weekly circles, 2 hours each
  • Monthly payment plans available at $333/mo for three months
  • Zoom circle formats will include personal check-ins, guidance, inspiration, break-out sessions, journaling, coaching, and more
  • Currently all circles are SOLD OUT, but new one are opening soon. Please join the waitlist below!



A new round of circles will open up soon!


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