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Join me for the FINAL months of Art Dates!

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Dear friends,

BIG NEWS! I’ve decided to retire Art Dates with July 2023 being the final monthly installment.

I’ve been creating a version of Art Dates (before the current monthly version, I dispatched weekly episodes) for over 7 years now. That’s a long time. 

I am SO PROUD of it, and I hold dear the thousands of creatives that have joined me. Y’all are my favorite part of these Art Dates. Truly. 

Creatively, I am inspired to let it go, trusting that something NEW will emerge.  

Please join me for the last few months of this favorite, well-loved offering. I’ve got some AMAZING guests (Sark! Lilla Rogers! Mati Rose! And more!), and I plan to make these last 7 months of Art Dates the best ones yet!


XO, Kelly Rae


Packed with exclusive heart-led creativity + conversation + so much more.



Packed full of all the good things art dates are made of: painting, conversation, life + biz updates, how-to videos, and more.

Monthly painting videos showing you how I create, in my home studio. All videos are unscripted. And light-hearted. And 100% real.

Exclusive access to Real + Inspiring convos I’ve recorded with my creative friends, PLUS tutorials that they (or I) made just for you!

An insider view into what art + business projects I’m working on that month, a curated music playlist, books I’m loving, and more. 

Art Dates with Kelly Rae + Friends

Monthly Painting Videos & Dispatches From My (and my friends’) Studio

“Having an “Art Date with Kelly Rae” is like getting a wrap-around hug from a friend.

The warmth and enthusiasm she presents bring joy and creativity inspiration into my life. The multidimensional parts (music, art, studio) send a thoughtful and well presented experience. Thank you Kelly Rae, keep them coming!”

-Kat, Art Date member

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants ongoing inspiration, ideas, and encouragement for a heart-led creative approach to life on the canvas (and off!). If you have a whisper toward deepening your creative life, this is for you.

Anyone needing or wanting a BIG dose of monthly inspiration, tips, and tutorials to get their creativity flowing on a regular basis.

In a creative rut? These monthly art dates will get you out of it.

 Newbies and seasoned creatives who want to feel less alone and connect with other creative kindred about art, life, creative living, and more.

“I cannot tell you how much I love every part of these art dates!!

Having the opportunity to get to know you on a personal level like this just makes me adore you even more! I love how excited you get when you love the outcome of mixing colors. I love how you sing and talk like we are right there with you….It has been over a year since I have done any painting and I’m so grateful for the inspiration!”

-Jacie, Art Date Member

How It Works

Upon registration, you’ll receive exclusive access to all the Art Dates from Jan 2023 – July 2023. That’s 7 Art Dates full of the goodness listed below.

Studio + Biz + Life Updates

Each month, I’ll greet you with a warm video welcome, just as if you were coming to visit me for a real, live art date. After that, you’ll get exclusive, in-depth personal intimate views and updates (via videos) about my studio life, including what creative projects I’m working on, what business projects I’m working on and more.

As always, videos will be fun, light, inspiring, and informal, just as if you were visiting me in my studio in real life.


Painting Video!

The heart and soul of our monthly Art Date will be the painting sessions. Some months, you’ll see me go from blank canvas to finished painting. Other months, I’ll be working on backgrounds or experimenting with new ides. No matter what, you’ll see the entire process, including how I work through my “mistakes.” It’ll be an intimate, 100% unfiltered view of my ACTUAL creative process, as if you were with me, side by side.

Painting videos have timestamps, so you can jump to a particular part of the video you want to see (ex: “30:05: using oils to paint face” or “40:20: dance party break”).

Some studio days flow like magic – so much ease and fluidity. Others take some serious work and commitment. You’ll see it all.



Art Supply Love & Studio Tour

 In addition to sharing about the art supplies I’m using while I’m using them in the painting videos, you’ll also get an ALL NEW exclusive video dedicated to giving you the inside track on my favorite supplies – my old favorites as well as new supplies I’m discovering. I’ll explain what each item is, why I love it, how to use it, and where to get it.

I also share an exclusive tour of my home studio – my painting setup, my writing/admin setup, and my curl-up-and-get-inspired setup. I love seeing studio spaces, and I’m excited to show you mine!





Art Date Convos With My Friends!

Each month, you’ll have exclusive access to a recorded video conversation between me and one of my creative friends. We’ll keep it real and it will feel like you’re right there with us as we talk about the triumphs and challenges of leading and navigating a creative life.

The best art dates are the ones where inspiration and connection thrive. Listen while you create and get inspired! 

Mini Art Tutorials

You’ve asked for instructional videos, and I’m delighted to give you just that – every single month! Even better? It will be my monthly guests who will share their art tutorials with you! What? YES!

Every month, you’ll get an instructional video tutorial from my Art Date guest/friend that is featured that month. So, not only will you get to hear their story via our recorded conversation, but they’ll teach you some of their art process, too! I love connecting people, and I can’t wait for you to learn from my amazing creative friends.

Get ready to learn some new artsy tricks from some of the most talented people I know.

Favorite Things Chit Chat

One of my favorite things about art dates is hearing about the books and shows and recipes and other interesting things that are at the top of the hearts and minds of those attending. Sometimes it’s a profound book and sometimes its the discovery of the best pair of cowgirl boots ever! Each month, via video and link love, I’ll spill the beans on what’s captured my attention that month.

I loooooooove chatting about new things I’m discovering + loving. You’ll hear it all during our monthly art dates, and you’ll be invited to share your loves as well.

Monthly Live Get Togethers

Each month, we’ll have a virtual get together via Zoom in real time. We’ll talk about nurturing a creative life, the ups and downs of being a creative spirit in the world, and so much more. There will be plenty of time to ask me questions (anything goes!), and cultivate community.

Can’t make it? No worries, you’ll be able to watch the recording each month!

Creativity + conversation + togetherness = YES, PLEASE.

Monthly giveaways & a music playlist

Each month, a lucky Art Date member will win $$ to spend however they wish over in my Art Shop, which is always brimming with new goodies.

Also, what’s an art date without music? Each month, you’ll get exclusive access to a music playlist that I’ll curate just for you via Spotify. I deeply believe music helps us get out of our own way during the creative process. I love sharing music, especially alternative folk, alt country, sometimes 90’s alt rock, and moody singer/songwriter music.

Get ready to dance it out and art it up to some amazing music.

This is my new therapy!!! I love your inspiration.

While I watch you [paint], I’m so amazed at the path you follow, and I realize I shouldn’t strive for perfection”

-Barbara, Art Date Member 

$150 For 7 Months Of Art Dates

Get the last few months of this highly popular/well-loved offering before it is retired!

The moment you sign up, you’ll receive immediate access to the current month’s Art Date (plus any previous Art Date created in 2023).



I absolutely adore what you are doing!!

The content is really rich with inspiration and joy. I just beam from a lifted spirit and warmed heart each time I get my monthly access to the Art Dates With Kelly Rae!!!”

-Laura, Art Date Member 

Questions? I've got answers.
How will I access the monthly Art Dates?

On Jan 1st, 2023, and then again on the first of every month until July 1st, you will receive an email with a link and password to access the current month’s Art Date.

Once inside the virtual Art Date, you will find all the month’s content. You can access and visit as much as you’d like throughout the month.

You will also have forever access to it should you want to go back and revisit the content in the future.

How long do I have access to the Art Dates?

You’ll have exclusive and forever access to all monthly Art Dates that you’ve purchased!

Is this a monthly subscription?

No, this is not a subscription.

The price of this offering is for 7 months of Art Dates, beginning Jan 1, 2023 and ending in July, 2023.  This is NOT a subscription, rather just a one time payment. 



Wait, didn't this used to be a monthly subscription? What if I'm currently subscribed monthly?
It’s true, Art Dates used to be a monthly subscription. If you are a current monthly subscriber, you are grandmothered in, so you’ll continue to have monthly billing until July, 2023 when Art Dates is retired. 
How do the Monthly Lives work? Is it a set time/day each month? Can I ask a question?

Each month, you’ll be invited to participate in a Live Get Together via Zoom. The day/time changes each month so we can accommodate different time zones and working schedules.

During the Zoom, I’ll answer questions and facilitate conversation and connection with whomever is there!

Can’t make it? No worries, you can watch the recording.

Is this a teaching course?

Two thoughts!

  1. Although Art Dates isn’t a formal teaching course, you will learn so much by watching me do my thing (I LOVE watching other artists make art – it’s a GREAT way to learn). I’ll absolutely talk you through the supplies I’m using so there will be some learning involved, for sure, but it’s the kind of learning that comes from sharing what I know about my process and supplies vs formally teaching it.
  2. Mini-tutorials ARE included each month, most of which will be taught via my friends that will join us each month. I’m super excited to bring their knowledge and teaching style to Art Dates so that both you and I can learn some new artsy techniques.
How long are the videos each month?

There are several videos each month. The longest one is the painting video, which will be anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. If you’re in a time crunch, this video will have timestamps, so you can jump ahead to particular parts of the video that you’re most interested in watching.

The remaining videos, like the welcoming/studio/life update or the convos with my art friends and more, will range from 10-30 mins each.

You can go through the videos at your own pace throughout the month, and you’ll have forever access, too.

Is there a Facebook group?

There will not be a Facebook Group, but there will be comments inside our monthly Art Dates where questions can be asked and connections can be made.

What's your cancellation policy?

Given the nature of this offering (you have access to the content once enrolled, etc), I am unable to accept cancelations.

I have more questions. How can I reach you?

No worries. We’re here for you. Write to us at

I’ve long been a follower and fan of Kelly Rae and the wonderful, honest whimsy of her life.

That’s why I subscribed immediately to Art Dates with Kelly Rae. The videos are sweet, inspiring and full of great information. Plus, it’s like sharing creative time at a dear friend’s studio so you never need to create alone.”

-Linda, Art Date Member 

What a delight to part of the Art Dates.

I have started to open up my creative spirit once again (it’s been shoved in the closet for awhile) and your monthly inspirations are in my toolbox to assist in getting me on my creative track. AND your playlists are so cool. Thank you for opening me up to other artists. With gratitude, Dorothy”

-Dorothy, Art Date Member.