Flying Lessons let's make your creative biz soar

Flying Lessons is a 261 page ebook for creative entrepreneurs who are looking for smart, soulful growth strategies.

Flying Lessons tips + tricks to help your creative biz soar

““I’ve taken many workshops and without a doubt your content has far surpassed any of them…you’ve helped me realize “What am I waiting for? ”I’ve got a logo concept going, next is a website redesign and finally get a blog going. I now know I can do it too. I feel ready. Thank you!”

““I can only describe it as my business bible! Not only is it filled with tips and tricks, but it’s filled with heart and soul. It’s as if you’re sitting with an old friend who believes in you and gives your the courage to believe in yourself. Love it”

What does it really take to grow your creative business, especially online? I’ll tell you.

Every day, I receive emails from creative souls — just like you — asking for my advice. Advice on how to build a global audience, launch a successful online shop, sell original paintings, write a book, get featured in glossy magazines and sign lucrative licensing deals.

Just a few years ago, I was that advice-seeker. I sent my fair share of heartfelt emails out to artists and entrepreneurs I admired. I always wished that there was some way I could access their brains, even if just for a moment. And that kind of direct-line-of-access is exactly what I want to offer to you.

Flying Lessons: Let’s make your creative biz soar, contains my very best resources and how-to’s for creative entrepreneurs: painters, sculptors, jewelers, crafters, writers, and more.

Flying Lessons is a beautifully designed,
highly interactive + functional e-book.

Did I mention it’s 261 pages? Yes, yes it is. It’s packed with information, personal stories of what’s worked for me (and what hasn’t worked – lots of wisdom in those hard earned lessons), links, resources, and informative interviews with some of the most knowledgeable people I know, including licensing and publishing directors that I’ve personally worked with.

The resources, information, and direct leads/contacts in this e-book will save you boatloads of time and money in hours spent researching.

““This content has been a catalyst in helping me to see exactly where I want to take my creative business. Before I felt like I was floundering around in uncertainty and fear. Now I really believe that I can make my artsy dreams a reality!”

Table of Contents

Take a look at the table of contents to see just how detailed we go. Flying Lessons covers it all, from money to licensing to blogging to marketing, including insightful interviews with creative directors, publishing and licensing execs and more.

When you download flying lessons, you’ll get:

My (very personal) creative business stories: Really, I’m telling you all of it – my best mistakes, my worst mistakes, my secret tips, and lots of deeply personal (always true) stories about what it really looks like to start, grow, and nurture a successful creative business. It’ll feel kind of like we’re sitting together on a cozy couch, having some tea, sharing stories, side by side. Yes, just like that.

And then we go beyond the stories, into the nitty gritty details:Flying Lessons isn’t just a collection of insightful stories. I’m giving you concrete resources, strategic ideas, introductions to art directors and publishers, the results of my hours of research on blog platforms, printers, ecommerce software, and much more.

Membership to our private Facebook Group: Flying Lessons comes with membership to the supportive private Facebook group where a community of your fellow ebook Flyers offer ongoing support, resources, and inspiration.

Highly functional + interactive: This beautifully designed ebook includes internal and external links, as well as a super loaded appendix dedicated to resources just for you! Once downloaded, it’s yours forever.

quotebutton_@2x“The content totally exploded my mind and continues to push me into all new places…Kelly is generous beyond belief. I wish I’d “met” Kelly when I was a fledgling business woman and yet there were still volumes to learn from her rich content. What I have learned is helping me to prioritize my creative business and stay true to my creative spirit.”

Because it’s not just about building a web presence, marketing like a pro, and earning sustainable income from selling your goods. All of that matters, of course, but it won’t get you very far if you’re not listening to (and then answering!) the whispers that are calling to your heart.

What I bet you really want is to tap into what becomes possible when you face the direction of those whispers and begin to create a braver, more full and inspired life.

Flying Lessons will help you answer the call.

Here’s How To Get It

It’s fast + easy. Once downloaded, you can refer to it forever as your creative biz continues to grow and grow.

Here’s how to download it:

  • Click the download button on the right (the big circle). You can pay with a credit card.
  • Once your payment has been confirmed, you’ll be prompted to download the ebook (it’s a 9MB PDF file, which will take a few seconds to download, depending on your internet speed).
  • I recommend reading it with Adobe Reader which is free to download.

Note: Because of the nature of ebooks (once you download it, it’s yours forever), all sales are final.

More Love for Flying Lessons:

““This information is SO, SO helpful. I feel like I’m reading a letter from my biggest fan / supporter / friend / mentor – I can’t thank you enough.”

quotebutton_@2x“You’ve covered topics that I have long wondered about, but didn’t know how to do or where to go for answers. Thank you for your generosity in sharing.”

quotebutton_@2x“This content has helped me with so many things, from mental clarity, to organizational skills, to technical details to reconnection with my spiritual path and growth… This was worth SO much more than what I paid in terms of the growth it inspired in me.”

quotebutton_@2x“Flying Lessons was fantastic. You went above and beyond. I have taken many classes/workshops but not one of them could even come close to the information/content you shared.”

quotebutton_@2x“I am in possibility heaven!”

quotebutton_@2x“Kelly Rae, this is generous…. and I mean GENEROUS amount of info and insight you are showering upon me! Thank you!”

quotebutton_@2x“I am blown away by all the work you have put into this Kelly. WAY BEYOND what I expected.”

quotebutton_@2x“I am absolutely floored at the empowerment you are giving me Kelly. I dont think I have ever felt as confident as I do now.”

quotebutton_@2x“This content has been beyond helpful. You’ve answered every single question that had been circling my brain for months, and now I feel so much better prepared to get my creative biz up and running. Thank you!”

quotebutton_@2x“I have struggled so long on my own as an artist, succumbing to the fear over and over. Marketing, follow through, and consistency have been the biggest challenges. Now I feel as though I have a mentor, cheering me on and laying out the steps one by one. There’s only one direction to go from here!! Thank you Kelly Rae for your generosity of spirit!”

quotebutton_@2x“Holy Moly, Kelly! Thank you for being so generous and thorough in everything you are covering! I’ve taken several e-courses and read many e-books, but this is by far the most practical and actually makes me feel like I can do it. Awesome.”

quotebutton_@2x“I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful content and the fact that it was not just informative, but that you, yourself, Kelly Rae, came shining through, making it all so personal. This is the most amazing, WORTH IT content I have ever read.”

quotebutton_@2x“Holy Camoly. Where in the world could we find all this info in such a short time, from someone who KNOWS? It would have taken me a LIFETIME…thank you so much Kelly Rae!”

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