Spirit Wings is a painting course designed to help you open your heart to what becomes possible when you nurture your spirit through art


I started playing with paint at age 30 and immediately, my life shifted, changed, opened up. I discovered a new way of being in the world.

Quite simply, through painting winged girls and angels, I grew my own wings and took flight. That was 10 years ago, and I’m still growing my wings. Every day. In Spirit Wings, I’ll help you do the same. No painting experience necessary.

““Spirit Wings is one of the most magical online courses I’ve ever taken!  Superb make-you-think content, delivered in a warm and fun-loving professional manner. Truly enjoyable!”

In Spirit Wings, we’ll create angel paintings specific to your journey. Paintings that will be sacred to your story. Paintings that will inspire and manifest what’s to come. Paintings that will help you invite what you want more of and declare what you want less of. Paintings that will honor your celebrations, your grief, your courage, and your abundance.
In addition to the loads and loads of techniques I’ll teach you (face painting, backgrounds, and more), every step of this process is guided by a soulful intention. The angel paintings you create will be your own personal winged guides to inspire you along your path. It will be beautiful.


This course begins the moment you sign up and you have lifelong access. All the lessons will be available the moment you log in to our online classroom (hello, set-your-own-pace!).

Once you’ve completed all 6 sections, you’ll have 6 completed paintings, plus all sorts of inspiration and soul work. (Technically, you could complete dozens of paintings during the course, but if you follow along exactly, 6 is the minimum. It’s entirely up to you.) And did I mention the community of kindreds? Keep reading…

Each section has a theme, and based on that theme, we’ll create one new angel painting during each section.

Each section will look like this:

Lesson 1: We begin by connecting our hearts and minds to that section’s theme. You’ll get audios, videos, and soul work assignments to help you silence the noise, hear your own heart, and choose the words for the angel painting that we’ll create in lessons two and three.

Lessons 2 + 3: It’s painting time! We’ll start by creating a gorgeous, layered background, and then move on to a rough sketch of our angel. Next is her face (each theme focuses on a different medium/techniques for face painting) and we’ll finish up by adding wings and other details.

Most importantly, we’ll add the words you created in Lesson 1; the words that are specific to your journey, what you desire, what you want guidance with, what you want to manifest in your life. By the end of lesson 3 of each section, you’ll have a beautifully painted angel guide to help lead you along your path.

Lesson 4: We’ll wrap each section’s theme with a declaration, dedication, and a soulful closing.


Lifetime access, gorgeous design + functionality:
The course classroom is a beautifully designed and extremely easy to navigate website all on its own. When you sign up, you’ll be given login details, and you’ll be able to access the classroom forever (yes, forever!).

Professional high-def videos: The painting videos are exquisitely produced, giving you closeup views of my demo paintings so you can see the details of every technique. You’re getting over 18 (EIGHTEEN!) hours of video, capturing 6 angel paintings from start to finish.

Art Supplies: For each painting, I share every art supply I use, where I get them, and how to use them. For those of you who are like I was not that long ago, feeling confused in the aisles of art stores, this is an extremely valuable part of the course. I love sharing my resources!

Techniques: We’ll dive into dozens of techniques, both for backgrounds and faces. In each section, we’ll create our angel faces with new mediums (acrylics, oil pastels, oil sticks, gelatos, pens, and more). We’ll also create a variety of backgrounds as we move through each section, using collage papers, stamps, acrylics, and more.

““Kelly Rae’s painting course has been such a soulful journey for me. Not just in the joyful guidance she gives but with the beautiful tribe that has emerged from the class.”

But maybe the best part? The community of kindreds.

This course is full of a beautiful constellation of seekers, dreamers, experts, newbies – aka: creative souls with big hearts.

In addition to interacting in the classroom, you’ll be invited to our private Facebook group where a community of your fellow creatives will offer ongoing support, resources, and inspiration. I’ve taught several online classes, and the community that forms around this course is nothing short of life changing.

Permission to Fly? GRANTED.

In Spirit Wings, you’ll let art out and let love in. You’ll find your edges, and widen your horizons. You’ll create gorgeous paintings to help manifest and call in all that is waiting for you. SO MUCH is waiting for you.

Classroom access: Once you register and pay for the course, you’ll immediately receive an email with your login details. With your login info, you can access the virtual classroom right away and your access remains valid forever. Lifetime access, my friend.

Sales are final: Because of the nature of online courses (once you pay for it, you have access to the classroom), all sales are final.

No painting experience necessary. I had zero painting experience when I started painting angels, but I learned through practice and time. If this is all new to you, this course will provide invaluable instruction as you find your way.

With that said, and if you’re able, I highly suggest taking my other painting ecourse, Hello Soul, Hello Mixed-Media Mantras first, as it will give you a wonderful base for creating backgrounds (no faces included there), using all sorts of mixed-media techniques.

Facial features: Spirit Wings does not cover the technical aspects of drawing facial features. If you are looking for detailed instructions on how to draw realistic faces, with correct proportions in regards to eyes/nose/lips, this class is not for you.

As you will see in the class demo videos, my approach is quite untechnical. My faces are whimsical, unrealistic, but always thoughtful and contemplative. I will walk you through, step by step, my process of creating faces, but there will not be any facial drawing assignments in this class.

Thank you, friends. So many of you have been asking me for this type of painting ecourse for years. I’m so glad to offer this up. It feels big and important in my journey, and I hope it inspires yours!


Testimonial Spirit Wings D. Loren Prince

quotebutton_@2x“Spirit Wings” is one of the most magical online courses I’ve ever taken!  Superb make-you-think content, delivered in a warm and fun-loving professional manner.  Truly enjoyable!

Testimonial Spirit Wings Amanda Adrian

quotebutton_@2x“Spirit Wings (and of course, Kelly Rae) have been a powerful lesson in art and life. I’d anticipated developing art skills during this class, and am thrilled with what I’ve learned. What I didn’t expect is the enormous amount of personal growth that has taken place…..Kelly Rae’s soul work digs deep! I will miss the weekly lessons, but am grateful to be positively changed by the learning this class has inspired.”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Kristen Walsh

quotebutton_@2x“This course is a gift; Kelly is a natural teacher who brings ease and joy to the process, even for a newbie painter like me.  And getting to share the journey with the Facebook Spirit Wings ‘posse’ has truly magnified the thrill of creating! – Kristen Walsh

Testimonial Spirit Wings Lynn Schullo

quotebutton_@2x“The Spirit Wings ECourse is so much more than an angel painting course! Kelly Rae discusses things  that  provoke thoughtfulness and allow us to really think, grow, and develop into our authentic selves  which flourishes into creative and beautiful  works of angel art . I look forward to every class, learned so much,and found this class to be inviting,empowering, relaxing, cathartic, and fun and the Spirit Wings Community is very supportive! I just love this course!!”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Katie Whaite

quotebutton_@2x“Taking the Spirits Wings course has been life-changing and life-giving. Not only has it given me direction and inspiration creatively, but the journaling and soul work (and the messages that emerged as a result of that soul work) have brought so much healing to my heart, and with that freedom.”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Sharon Mulder

quotebutton_@2x“Spirit Wings is soul work, learning who I am, trusting myself, relaxing and playing.  The on-line community is the first place that I have found the safety I need to show my art.”

Testimonial Spirit Wings

quotebutton_@2x“Kelly Rae’s has a kind and positive approach….you are entranced whilst having your weekly lesson and are so inspired that you just cannot wait to start working your own canvases and let the art flow.  Spirit Wings is not your ordinary painting class. I have witnessed, through our media sharing, experienced artists develop deeper styles and the non-artist producing the most amazing and soulful work.”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Monica Van Norman

quotebutton_@2x“I am so ever grateful to Kelly Rae Roberts for allowing me to learn from grace and creativity.  I am not only grown artistically but also found a tribe of supportive, loving, caring and beautiful spirits!”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Laura McGann

quotebutton_@2x“After a “get married, buy a house, have two kids, buy another house” kind of break from creating ANY artwork, Kelly Rae’s Spirit Wings course helped me move from total fear back on to my most alive path. The online community, deep (yet simple) process and Kelly’s loving presence are a true gift to anyone seeking to explore that next part of themselves.”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Katie Auth

quotebutton_@2x“I am a mom of 4 who put her paintbrush down years ago. Kelly Rae’s Spirit Wings Class has been a little doorway back into a past life which I know will continue to be a blessing in my future.  This class helped me overcome fears that developed over the years and I will forever be grateful that I took the leap.”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Louise in Australia

quotebutton_@2x“I was blown away with this course. Creativity, reflection and inspiration are what’s on offer with this course. It’s so much more than an art course, it’s an opportunity for you to grow and heal on a unconscious level. Very informative and well put together, an absolute joy to learn all of Kelly Rae’s techniques and watch her creative process !! As an Art Therapist myself, I highly recommend it.”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Tami Wright

quotebutton_@2x“I’ve made friends that I have never met! I have been filled to over-flowing with love, confidence, spirituality, and knowledge from Kelly Rae as well as from from my Spirit Sisters.  We share ideas and useful information, as well as supplies. We share our Love!”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Linda Taday

quotebutton_@2x“Thank you to Kelly Rae Roberts for giving me the courage to live my dreams! I’m making art again!”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Julie Nicholson

quotebutton_@2x“The Spirit Wings course has asked me to look deeper, be brave, honour my community and fall in love with the ordinary. It has opened my heart, changed my direction and allowed me to hear the whispers of my true north. I have discovered it has been waiting for me all along <3.”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Pam Hamilton

quotebutton_@2x“Kelly Rae’s painting course has been such a soulful journey for me. Not just in the joyful guidance she gives but with the beautiful tribe that has emerged from the class. :)”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Melanie M

quotebutton_@2x“Working with Kelly Rae Roberts on her Spirit Wings eCourse has been life changing on so many levels. Throughout the eCourse I have completed exercises that have helped me to trust in my own magic, I now have more confidence in believing in myself and the art work I produce as uniquely and perfectly mine. Thank you Kelly Rae Roberts for bringing this eCourse to me and introducing me to my tribe ‘Spirit Wing Sisters’.”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Dee Ann Lambert

quotebutton_@2x“This class has honestly opened my world to endless possibilities as an artist and wonderful SpiritWing sisters.  I had no idea that I could create such beauty! Thank you, Kelly Rae!”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Kim Mayer

quotebutton_@2x“Kelly Rae Robert’s spirit wings ecourse has been life changing for me. My whole life I have said; “I can’t even draw a stickman.” This is the first face that I have ever painted. Permission has been granted for me to heal my heart by creating art. Thank you Kelly Rae”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Maryam Sardari

quotebutton_@2x“This course has been a transformational experience.  What a way to connect to one’s soul!  I have loved every minute of it and will recommend it to everyone.  I love the whimsical style Kelly Rae Roberts has and I’m grateful for the gracious way she teaches us.  Thank you Kelly Rae.”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Linda Lifschultz

quotebutton_@2x“Never in a million years did I think, as an abstract artist, I would be able to not only paint a realistic looking face, but in the process I would blow my own damn mind.  LOVE this e-course and how we are given both structure and freedom (at a leisurely pace) to create whatever resonates most to us individually.”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Suzanne Munroe

quotebutton_@2x“Kelly Rae’s class has taught me so much about techniques, products and has given me confidence when I make an error to work through it. I especially love the online Facebook community.”

Testimonial Spirit Wings Diana Stell

quotebutton_@2x“In this first class I have learned to give myself permission to ENJOY my creative process without feelings of guilt. I have learned that inspiration is like a spiritual force that comes to us when we show up to the canvas……when we open our hearts to listen to the whispers…..when we understand with clarity that this is what we came here to do. I have learned to incorporate and FEEL the beautiful gift of playfulness as I paint my angels. My heart overflows with gratitude for Kelly that in my lifetime someone as radiant and precious as she is a meaningful part of my life. Thank you Kelly!” Diana Stell


I’ve never taken an online class before. Are the classes LIVE? Do I have to be at my computer at a certain time during the day?
There are no specific times that you need to log in (meaning, nothing will be LIVE at 8pm, 8am, etc.). You can log in whenever you want, from wherever you are, and access all the lessons. Log in everyday or once a week – it’s entirely up to you. Either way, the content (and the community) will be ready to greet you!
Once I register for the class, how long will I have access to the lessons?
We recognize that life gets busy! Your login and password will work forever. Lifetime access, my friend!
I’d love to gift this class to a loved one. How can I register them for the course?
Shoot us an email at hello@kellyraeroberts.com and we’ll make it easy for you.
Will I need high speed internet to access the videos?
Yes, absolutely. All videos are high-def and will require a high speed internet connection. Please note, we will not offer refunds if you are not able to see the videos due to a slow internet connection, so please consider this before purchasing the course.
What kinds of supplies will I need?
This is a mixed-media class, so you’ll definitely need a variety of supplies.  The essentials that are absolutely needed include the following: a few colors of fluid acrylic paints (I like the GOLDEN brand, but any thin acrylic paints will do), a variety of collage papers (mainly scraps of papers you likely have hanging around your house), gel medium, a spray bottle, canvas boards, some mark-making tools that are likely hanging around your house (bubble wrap, jar lids, pens, paper towels), oil pastels, and alphabet stamps.
My friend / sister / book club ladies would love this! Can I share my login with them?

I love your generous spirit, and the answer is no. If you have friends you think would benefit from this course, please send them the URL to this page and invite them to sign up.

Your purchase gives you personal and individual viewing access only. Translation = You can log in to the classroom and watch the videos as many times as you wish. But you can’t share your login with someone else.

Can I sell the works I make from this class?
From my attorney: Through this ecourse, you’ll see the nitty gritty of how Kelly Rae makes her artworks. Please keep in mind that everything she makes is subject to copyright protection. This means that while you may want to follow along as closely as possible with her work, if what you create looks like Kelly Rae’s work, it’s going to have to be just for you. That means, no selling in your Etsy shop, or otherwise publicly displaying similar works. If, on the other hand, your work looks very different than Kelly Rae’s, post (and sell) away!
Don’t see your question here? No worries. We’re here for you. Write to us at hello@kellyraeroberts.com.

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