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True Love

A throwback to the best decision ever. True is eight years old. Today he said, “Mom, you know those guys in the movies that arrive out of nowhere to help people when they’re being bullied and then they disappear after helping? Yeah, I’m that kind of...

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The Great Mystery of Being a Mom

I received a question earlier this week about what I do when my mama heart breaks. I loved the question and I don’t think we’re talking enough about it. True is on the edge of 8 years old (this was a photo of us when he was 3 weeks old), and though my mama...

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He is a bright, stunning, radiant light in my world

This child. Did I ever tell you that we had his natal chart read by my favorite astrologer ever (Carol Ferris – google her!)? I highly recommend chart readings for families. It’s a great parenting tool and it’s also a great way to see all the ways in...

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Trying to Capture It All

True: Mom, I think your stone is the Emerald. You know, the green stone? Me: Oh cool. Why is my stone the Emerald? True: Because it signifies Love & Success. Me: Oh that is so nice. Thank you. What is yours? True: The sapphire. Because it signifies Clear Thinking....

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Lately, we’ve been reading together in the hammock. I treasure the side-by-sideness, his growing bare legs folded over mine, the quiet togetherness. True is into graphic novels and fact books about baseball (we all watched the Sandlot recently and this has him...

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And voila!

We have a little neighborhood market a few blocks away. It’s one of those older, quaint markets that you see in in historic neighborhoods. Charming. Neighborly. Small. Recently, we granted a supreme childhood wish to True: riding his scooter up to the market to...

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Living Out His Best Life

I love love love watching him live out his best life as a kid. Scavenger hunts. Daily ruckus. Trading Pokemon cards. Super Mario. Sleepovers. Fort building. Tree climbing. Outfit wrangling. Giggles. Joke telling. Piano playing (lots of Star Wars theme music). Dog...

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A Boy and a Man in the World

I’ve been reading Raising Cain: Protecting The Emotional Life Of Boys again. It’s such a transformational book. I read it years ago as a Social Worker and I pick it often now as a mother to a young boy. I often think about how we socialize our boys in such...

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I Love This Kid

It’s been a huge couple of months for Mr. True. He’s gotten super into authoring and illustrating his own books. Often, they’re spoofs of Star Wars, like Pho Wars where there are noodles shooting out of the lightsabers or Attack Of The Phones (vs...

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