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Oh hello, creative process and new paints!

  I’ve been having such a good time in my newish studio lately. I’ve been experimenting, trying new paints and materials, and generally trying to STAY OUT OF MY OWN WAY.  That’s the trick, no? To stay out of our own ways so that intuitive, free,...

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Home Tour: Our Modern Farmhouse Colorful Kitchen!

  Hi friends! I thought I’d give you a tour of our kitchen! The only other room tour that I’ve done of this new home is our living room, which you can find right here. We’ve been in our new home and town (Sisters, Oregon) for about 6 months now...

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A tour of our living room! Hello, colorful farmhouse!

  Guess what? We’re fully unpacked and settled in our new home. OMG! I’m certain that all of the rooms will continue to change and emerge and evolve as we layer our living and experiences into this new home, but the main components are in. It feels...

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Like, Obsessed

Throwback to when I was very pregnant with True and we had just moved into our home that we remodeled on a VERY tight timeline and budget. I LOVED this kitchen. This is the before. Crazy, right? I have been pulling out photos of this kitchen as we create the kitchen...

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Tiny Studio Tour!

Below is a quick tour of my Tiny Studio that’s in my backyard. It’s one of my favorite places ever ever ever. Enjoy it!

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Kelly Rae gets a tiny art house, part 2!

Friends! I recently shared Part 1 of the story behind my new tiny art cottage/studio that we built in our backyard, and I thought I’d share photos from the inside for this post, Part 2! It’s cozy and small, like the fort of my kid dreams. I am happier in...

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