Oh hello, creative process and new paints!

Nov 2, 2019 | Art in Process, Home + Studio Tours, My Creative Practice, Studio Tours


I’ve been having such a good time in my newish studio lately. I’ve been experimenting, trying new paints and materials, and generally trying to STAY OUT OF MY OWN WAY. 

That’s the trick, no? To stay out of our own ways so that intuitive, free, FUN painting sessions can unfold in ways that aren’t controlled.



Blick Art Materials (my long-time source for buying allll of my  art supplies) sent me a few heavy-bodied paints to try out (Thank you, Blick!), including some cadmium-free colors (YAY!). I almost always use Golden fluid acrylics, so it was super fun to try something new.

And guess what? I am loving them!!  Why have I waited to use them for so long?

They’re super creamy, opaque, and finger smooshy-worthy. AND I’ve been using them for my Art Dates, too.


Tell me what art supplies you’re loving lately. I’d love to know.

In addition to the heavy-bodied paints, I’m loving Posca Paint Markers, which are also new-to-me and I’m LOVING them as well (especially the white).

Big love!


Sending much love,

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  1. Atara Schimmel

    Hi Kelly,

    I hope that you are well. I wanted to tell you about my own process as an artist. I have reached Tree Consciousness as well as Sacred Mother Earth and Sacred Water Consciousness. This has completely changed my life as an Artist and I am so grateful for the change. I no longer buy canvases of any type. Neither do I buy paints such as Acrylic paints. I see the tree in everything. I see the rain-forests being desecrated and I see how my own mindless consumption of trees for “my artwork” harmed me as a Creative. I see how the Acrylic tubes that are full of chemicals harm the water-ways and I see how the markers that I bought without thought are made of plastic that does not biodegrade. While working with the materials that I still have I have committed myself to no longer purchasing materials that are devastating to Sacred Mother Earth. These days I sing and dance and worship outdoors. I feel deep Gratitude for the Gifts that this consciousness that I was born with and then had stolen from me by this wasteful, consumer “culture” has returned to me. The freedom that I have now is delicious and deeply Sacred. I bless you that you reach this consciousness as well and that you guide others into this consciousness. I no longer buy clothing. I am so grateful for everything that I already have. I also want to tell you that Golden Paste that you use for your pasting is highly toxic. It has Biocide in it which is a Pesticide. I spoke to the makers of it at Golden and they outright told me that it has Biocide. When I asked them how dare they sell this to innocent artists without titling it in Big Black Letters BIOCIDE BEWARE they said that they just do not have room to do so on the label. I had been sticking my bare fingers in Biocide following your guidance for years. I do not blame you. I see you as a victim that unknowingly harmed many others. I am writing to you to protect you and to protect the many women that are working with this Toxic Paste. I will pray for you that you reach the Joy of Sacred Mother Earth Consciousness and that you no longer support companies that desecrate Mother Earth for the sake of “Art”. Nature gives us so much to work with. Our blessed voices being the Greatest Gift. I promise you here and now that on the next sunny day I will sing to the Trees in your Honor, asking them to please help you attain Tree Consciousness in this life-time. I send you so much Love and Best Wishes for your Health, Happiness and Healing. True has grown into a lovely young boy. I love to see his growth. I want all children everywhere to grow strong and healthy. For this to happen i give away my Art for Free so that the children will learn that each piece of paper is Sacred. Each piece of paper is a Gift from a Tree. I honor the trees and their generosity by sharing my Art with the children. I thank you for teaching me how to paint Angels and I give them away with Love. I no longer have a website and neither do I post my artwork on facebook. Instead I paint for the Trees, that the forest that I live in may Heal and that the children may learn the True Sanctity of Nature in each and every action that they take and make. Love Always, Atara

  2. Jean St Pierre

    Just discovered your web-site and am so excited by your energy and possibilitism. I’ve signed up for your online class. I’ve been feeling creatively stuck for a long time and am looking forward to getting un-blocked with your enthusiasm and processes. Thanks for being brave.

  3. Julia

    I’m a full time artist that works from my home. I really enjoy hearing about what’s going on in your world. Working at home can be lonely it’s nice to connect with other artist.
    I love your new fabric collection.❤️

  4. janej7020

    Hi! I am so excited about our ” dates” I signed up in Aug. but I have not done one yet,{besides the Email access, Which I can no longer find}Can I access my dates through the Student Access site? If not,how do I? Also if I cancel how long will I have to view what I have already purchased? Thank you , Jane ….. As you can see I am kind of a mess:}

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Hi Jane, shoot me an email at hello@kellyraeroberts.com and we’ll get you alllll sorted out 🙂

  5. Jennifer

    is there a 2020 retreat? I need help!!!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Hi Jennifer, yes, I’ve got 4 retreats coming up in 2020. I should have the first one announced and ready by early next week!


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