I gave myself a HUGE gift. Hello, travel!

Nov 21, 2019 | Life in Progress

Dear friends,

I’m home from an extraordinary adventure to Paris AND Morocco. OMG!

I gave myself the gift of two full weeks of travel and adventure. TWO! Can you even? Without work, or family, or deadlines, or expectations, or or or.



First, I went to Paris with my friend Lacy where we simply wandered without any agenda. We walked. We ate. We talked about our lives, our businesses, our dreams. We slept. And we readied ourselves for the next leg of our adventure: A creative retreat in Morocco, hosted by our friend Mati Rose and her friend/collaborator Faith (it was AMAZING, but more on that later).



Traveling like this is something I’ve been working so hard toward – to set up my life and biz so that I have time and energy/wellness and space for these kinds of opportunities.

I’m grateful beyond, beyond.



And guess what else? I took a break from posting on social media for the entire time I was away. I’m SO GLAD I did.

I wanted to dive deep into savoringr allllllll the moments, the sights, the inspiration, the connections without the distraction of Instagramming. Hello, doing it the slow/savor way. My heart continually craves this and I’m so glad I listened.

Here are a few things I want to remember about those days in Paris:



I want to remember wandering into Buly, one of the most exquisite shops I’ve ever visited. Holy smokes, it was an EXPERIENCE. I learned more about how to care for my skin using plant oils from the super knowledgeable woman (can’t remember her name!) who specializes in all things plant oils (see her above in the photo?).

Since throwing out all of my skincare/make-up items earlier this year (in pursuit of chemical-free living),  I’ve been slightly obsessed with how to care for my skin with plants, so the happenstance of wandering into this store with this lovely woman was DIVINE.



I want to remember having long stretches of time with my girl Lacy. Many of you might remember WAY back when Lacy used to work for me. Nowadays, she’s one of my dearest friends, a dream collaborator, and one of my teachers/healers, too (I won’t ever forget the meditation retreat of hers that I attended).

I want to remember the treat of traveling “Business” class on the airplane and geeking out over all the ways it was AMAZING. So many buttons and feet rests and more, oh my! From that moment forward, I declared my word for this trip would be WONDER.



I want to remember walking all over The Marais, a colorful part of the city full of quintessential Parisian cafes, shops, art, and people.  The last time I was in Paris was 20 years ago, so this was a major TREAT.

I LOVE Paris!



I want to remember the many chocolate croissants I enjoyed as well as cappuccinos (a rare non-coffee drinker treat!).

I want to remember having the best massage of my life at the adorable hotel we stayed at.

I want to remember the remarkable ease of traveling we experienced. It was uncanny how much ease there was. Love love love!



I want to remember the gorgeous packaging, and how the Parisians value beauty, creating it everywhere.


I want to remember the little nudges from The Universe – from sacred numbers showing up (including our room number, which as 33), to hearts found, and more – reminding me I’m right on time, right where I’m supposed to me.

Thank you, Paris. You were amazing.

Next up: All the things I want to remember about Morocco. Holy smokes, it was a creative and sensory explosion of goodness.

Sending much love,

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  1. Sharon

    Oh, wow, what a great experience. I love how you wrote about it!

  2. Pam payne

    Enjoyed every moment of your trip….a delight for sure….gotta go to Paris….thanks so much for sharing!


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