A creative retreat in Morocco – it changed everything.

Nov 24, 2019 | Life in Progress

(Me, in front of our Riad in Marrakech)


(The group of amazing retreat participants)


You guys! My girl Mati Rose and Faith Evans-Sills led an extraordinary creative retreat in Morocco and I got to go and experience it!

It was, hand down, the most creative sensory explosion/experience of my whole life. SO MUCH color. So much texture. So much to see, to smell, to taste.

And it was amazing.


A few photos and memories I want to capture:


(Me + Mati)

I want to remember the gift of spending time on such a big life adventure with one of my dearest friends, Mati. I loved watching her teach and lead and share all the magical things Morocco has to offer.


(me, outside our room in Marrakech)


I want to remember the beauty of Marrakech. I LOVED the mix of colors and tiles and how beauty is valued and created here. 




I want to remember how the retreat was a lovely mix of making art and exploring Marrakech (think souk markets, art galleries, rugs, camels, food, and so much more).

Mati and Faith introduced me to watercolors, for which I’ll be forever grateful. Once I got going, I could. not. stop. Who knew watercolors were so cool? I had no idea!

Mati and Faith also demo’d using paint pens (I LOVE these exact pens) over the watercolors, which also blew my creative mind wiiiide open.  I LOVED incorporating all the shapes of Morocco into my work – it felt a bit like meditative painting.

If you ever have a chance to attend one of Mati + Faith’s retreat, go! They have a couple of creative retreats coming up next year in France and Costa Rica :)).



I want to remember sharing a room and this adventure with another dear friend, Lacy. Together, we found ourselves in some precarious misadventures, but also found ourselves in the company of some lovely Marrakech angels, like the gentleman you see above in the photo with us. 



I want to remember these gentle giants and the full moon and sky and the magic of it all. I LOVED meeting camels. 




I want to remember the mix of GREEN everywhere.



I want to remember taking all that I was learning about watercolors from Mati and Faith and incorporating it into something that feels like me.



I want to remember the souks, the magical lighting, the way I was complimented for my “Berber” negotiating skills by the shop owners. Turns out, I’m REALLY good at negotiating a good price! 



I want to remember the magical moment I ran into Valori Wells, a fellow creative entrepreneur who lives here in my new small town of Sisters, Oregon! We hadn’t yet met and there we were, both in Marrakech! What are the chances? She was there co-leading a creative retreat of her own with her friend Kelly




I want to remember the beauty of ALL THE RUGS! Friends, I came home with a stash of rugs. I can’t wait to show you!



But most importantly, I want to remember spending precious adventure time with two of my favorite people on the planet. I am so lucky to have these two beauties in my life and it was a dream to spend this kind of time together. Grateful beyond, beyond.


More photos from my time in Morocco:

Sending much love,

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  1. Joan

    Such a beautiful post.
    Love your new work!

  2. Anna Bates

    I continue to shout from the tops of mountains how we are more alike than different and how small the world is…the fact that you would run into Valori does not surprise me…if you pay attention to the world around you there is a friend and neighbor where ever you are. Thank you for sharing the colors of this world.

    • Kelly rae

      Anna, it was so cool to meet her. I told her I knew you and she gushed about you;).


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