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One profound way to love ourselves

Our culture values self-sufficiency. We are continually receiving messages to not depend on others, to be independent, to stay quiet. Many of us are taught that asking for what we need is burdensome, that we’re asking for too much. A Sunday Meeting of The Hearts...

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Life update, new stickers, and more.

  “Write in on your heart that every day is the best day in the year” – Ralph Waldo Emerson   As we enter 2022, I’m reflecting on, and closing out 2021. How was I brave? How did I show up? What was hard? What wants to be celebrated?...

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Introducing T-Shirts. I’m IN LOVE!

    Dearest friends, It is with so much excitement that I introduce tshirts! I’ve been wanting to make them for a long long while, and I’m beyond thrilled with how they turned out. We are starting with three designs, and I hope to introduce many...

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2022 calendars are here!

Dear friends, I’m excited to share our 2022 calendars with you! I’ve partnered up with Amber Lotus whom I love love LOVE working with. They also produced our wonderful planners > have you seen them? The reviews on Amazon are making me smile 🙂 The...

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NEW Fabric Collection: Be The Light

  Hi friends! I’m excited to announce my next fabric collection with Benartex. We’re calling it the Be The Light collection and I’m loving it! Let me share the patterns with you….     I super love the color palette and the mix of...

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Tending the fires of my soul + NEW art

(NEW print available here in a variety of sizes) I can feel a stirring inside me. A beckoning. A gentle command to go inward, to better attune my consciousness so that I can respond to the calls of my heart with deep curiosity. It’s a time to bring the great...

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SoulJoy, NEW art, and more

(NEW print available here in three sizes) Isn’t it wild to think about the vastness, the overwhelming sheer magnificence of our soul’s essence? The human experience can be such a dense, narrowly focused journey when in fact the essence of us is an entire...

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New Print: Your Knowing

SHOP THIS PRINT Trust your inner knowing. Your voice, those whispers that call to you, are a divine reflection of your purpose here. Your knowingness is whole, complete, and always always your most accurate heart compass. Allow it to guide you. You can trust its...

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NEW Art: The Presence of Wonder

(Shop new prints here) “Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” -E.B. White This year I’ve been exploring different ways of mark making on the canvas. It’s been SUCH a deep dive into shaking up my creative process, something I...

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