The sweet gift of amazement from a barista

Dec 12, 2022 | My Creative Practice


Recently, I was ordering my usual oat milk mocha at my favorite coffee shop when the young man at the counter, a barista, casually asked, “Whatcha doing today?”

I shrugged my shoulders and answered, “Not much, just a little work.”

“Oh, cool,” he said. “What do you do?”

“I’m an artist,” I said sort of robotically.

And this is when it got interesting.

His eyes widened with awe. “REALLY?! Wow!” he said with authentic amazement. It was as if I was the first to ever reply with this answer.

He then went on to ask me more questions. “What kind of art?” , “What materials do you work with?” All the while, his eyes were curious, his spirit enamored.


KRR i heart your heart


His response struck me. As I settled in with my mocha and my thoughts, I remembered how fortunate I am to make art for a living. Like, people actually pay me to make art! As I thought about it more, I also became astounded! I’m an artist! I get to make art. For fun. For a living. For healing. For community building. How freaking cool is that?

I spent the entire day walking around in amazement like I had unwrapped the most loving and surprising, and thoughtful gift of a lifetime.

The gift was his sincere and authentic response that jolted me back into what has been a truly unique journey of a lifetime.

The gift, always, is the art. That I get to be and do and explore and live a creative life. That I get to do it with others. That I’m supported. That art will always be a refuge.

I am lucky. I am grateful. And I hope it always remains.

Sending so much love,

Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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  1. Karen Thomas

    I began painting at the age of 38! Never had plans to work as an artisti but always knew painting would add joy to my llfe. My work was as a psychologist and college professor. As amother of 3 I had few extra hours for a hobby. Now that I am retired I try to schedule some painting time regularly. Sometimes and sometimes life gets in the way. I focus on little projects like greeting cards and sometimes a “real” painting but those stay in my home or homes of family members.

    I happened on your site while surfing the web. So vibrant and exciting. I applaud your courage and developing your artistic career. I do want to stay in touch. I especially like the inspirational quotes that accent your beautiful work.

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Loving this, Karen. I loved discovering painting in my 30s. It was such a reminder that life reveals magic along the way. Thank you for you kindness. I’m so glad you found my little corner of the web 🙂

  2. Bettsi

    What a delightful story! Yes, it truly is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? You bring joy to the world with your gifts and he brought joy to you with his gift of connectiveness. Love this!


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