Join me on a tour of our guest room

Oct 20, 2022 | Home + Studio Tours

Our guest room! Who wants to come visit?

In truth, I sleep in here most nights with the windows open. Bliss.



🛏 After years of not sleeping well with my love (we have different sleep schedules, etc), I discovered sleeping alone works best for me. Took me a minute to unlearn all the things that our culture tells us about couples who don’t sleep together but I’m so glad I did. Our marriage is more fun and better for it. Plus, I sort of love having my own room to retreat to in the evenings.

Anybody else love sleeping alone?


Sending much love,

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  1. Laly

    Such a cute room! And YES to making authentic choices, and for modeling it to others. Hubby and I are currently reading “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker and it is utterly mindblowing: there is so much we ignore about the importance of sleep. We’ve just invested in separate mattresses (even though they are joined together) and we’re considering getting separate duvet covers as well. Sweet dreams!

  2. Elaine Normandy

    In the house we sold four years ago, my partner and I had separate bedroom because it was so hard for me to sleep with him in the same bed. In our current house, the main bedroom is big enough for two queen sized beds which works great for us.

    Good for you for doing what works for you. And your room looks terrific.

  3. Diana Keith

    So pretty, Kelly! There’s nothing like hearing the night. Yes for me. Married 20 years and have slept in my own space most of it. I’ve got the coziest bed in the house. I’m in it right now. Heaven.

  4. Cyndy R

    I am an extremely light sleeper, so I often end up leaving my marriage bed in the middle of the night. I do sleep so much better on my own. We don’t have an extra bedroom at this point, so I bought a day bed to put in our living room so I have a bed to sleep in when my husband is being too floppy in the night and I’m struggling to stay asleep. It’s a relief to know I’m not the only one 🙂 I have 4 kiddos (3 grown, and the youngest in high school), and I spent many years with them sleeping with us, and when they weren’t in our bed, they were waking me up at all hours with the various kiddos stuff, so I really relish decent sleep now.

  5. Stacia

    I just love it when we get your home-space tours. I recently revamped my studio/office space after seeing your last studio tour. I love poking around each corner of your rooms and discovering the sweet treats you use to create your colorful and personality-filled spaces. My husband and I also mostly sleep in separate rooms (it began with his previous snoring problems – now solved) but continued due to our differing sleep schedules. As a night-owl, I do most of my creative work and relaxing in the evening when all is quiet in my world. I used to feel self conscious about this in talking with friends, but once I hit my magic age of 50, I no longer worry about what others think! It is so freeing and I am grateful that comes with age (for me at least!). Always look forward to your posts. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and art Kelly!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Thanks, Stacia. As I approach 50, the freedom of caring what others think is so wonderful!!!! Love that you honor your own natural rhythm!

  6. Christine

    My husband and I started sleeping apart years ago because we found we sleep so much better alone. We didn’t marry until our 30s and sleeping together wasn’t working. Go your own way became our motto! So thrilled to see you speaking about this too!


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