Join me for a Wear Your Joy challenge!

Oct 26, 2022 | Happy Announcements, Wear Your Joy™


Autumn has arrived here in Sisters, Oregon, and my heart is so happy about it. Crisp air. Red leaves. Earlier sunsets.

I’ve noticed a little shift in my perspective. A little lift in my spirits. And a little (much needed) bounce in my step. Last Autumn, we were still in Pandemic times and this year, well, Autumn feels a bit more hopeful.


The other day, I woke up with a clear whisper from my soul: 

It really struck me. It’s time to prioritize joy. Hmmm.

I thought about it all day. How can I prioritize joy? How can I create tiny sparks, little soul lifts, throughout my day? How can I shift from one place and moment into a lighter, freer place and moment?

The truth is that I’ve been struggling with a consistent sense of Joy for a long while. Or maybe it’s the perimenopause talking. Whatever it is, there is a part of me that feels a little less light, less buoyant, and just not quite myself.

And that’s ok. I trust these seasons of life for the gifts and medicine they eventually reveal. It’s a time of wrestling with being human and finding ways to bring in more healing and light.

We’ve all been through so much these last few years.

It’s time to prioritize Joy.



This past weekend, I completed one of my favorite Autumn rituals, which involves packing up all of my Spring/Summer clothes and unpacking all of my Fall/Winter clothes. It’s a simple ritual, but it helps me close out one season and usher in the next. Besides, Fall clothing is my favorite. The layers. The leggings. The boots. The sweaters. Ahhhhhhh!

It all has me inspired to ignite my personal Wear Your Joy practice.

And so, it seems like a perfect time for a good ol’ Wear Your Joy Autumn challenge!

Who wants to join me?

Each day for the next 7 days, I’m committing to Wearing My Joy. I’m gonna share about the process over on social media (yes, after a two-year break, I’m giving Instagram another try, more on that later!) using the #wearyourjoy hashtag.

My goal? To experiment and have some fun with my Fall clothes, but the deeper soul level goal? To slowly transform my morning routine of getting dressed into an opportunity of self-love, a time when I can rediscover and reclaim myself, to remember who I am.

It’s time to prioritize Joy.

For those of you who want to join me for a 7-day Wear Your Joy challenge, consider this your invitation! Simply do it on your own, or if you’d like, share on social with the hashtag #wearyourjoy, so we can find each other.

Need a little boost of inspiration?

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It includes my top 4 in-depth tips that will up level your current practice or get you started.

Want even more?

Use code YAYFALL for 25% off the original Wear Your Joy course. 


Sending much love,

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