Everyday Soul Care: Self-Kindness is for anyone who wants a meaningful daily practice of being more loving and compassionate to ourselves.

Because self-kindness changes everything.

Our souls are craving compassion

Everyday Soul Care: Self-Kindness is a practice of consciously opening our hearts to ourselves so that we’re more connected, more at ease, and more aligned with the truth of our own light.

We all have limiting beliefs and critical-self talk that keep us small, sabotaging our efforts to create the lives that are often waiting for us – lives full of wellness, peace, and ease.

Everyday Soul Care: Self-Kindness will inspire you to pause for a few sacred moments each day, connect with your heart, and nourish yourself with loving compassion so that you not only see your magnificence but you become the guardian of it, tending to it daily with kindness.

Daily doses of healing + inspiration delivered to your inbox

For 30 days, you’ll receive meaningful essays with gentle lessons – delivered straight to your inbox.

These daily meditations will include soul-stirring stories, thoughtful suggestions to consider, practical tools, and gentle truth-telling lessons that will inspire your own epiphanies. Your self-kindness journey will deepen and expand, which will undoubtedly change the landscape or your heart in all the best ways.

You will be a part of an extraordinary community of women doing their soul work.

When you sign up, you’ll also have the option (not required!) to join the private Facebook group full of kind-hearted seekers who generously support each other, share their ahas and check in about how their self-kindness practice is going. There is so much deep wisdom in our collective learnings.

Everyday Soul Care: Self-Kindness will help you:

* Embrace the holy mess of your life while integrating a daily practice of self-compassion to help fully reveal and nourish the essence of who you are with less judgement and more love.

* Bring the shadows of your negative self-talk/thoughts/beliefs into the light so that you can begin to dismantle their power with conscious and intentional compassion.

* Begin to treat yourself like the guest of honor in your own life. This requires an unburdening, an unlearning, a deliberate laying down of all that no longer serves you.

* Create a simple yet powerful daily practice of opening your heart up to yourself so that you can begin to recognize the divinity that is within and access its magnificence in all that you do with more kindness.

What You’re Saying:

quotebutton_@2x“Thank you so much for this wonderful offering. I loved it! At the end of each [day], I felt such endearing feelings toward you that I wanted to reply and tell you how much I love you and appreciate who you are, your bright light and all you do. You have helped me so much Kelly Rae.” – SL

quotebutton_@2x“Thank you for so much for your Soul Care class. It was such a treat to “have coffee” with you each morning this past month. I feel a strong connection with you & your messages, & recognize you as a kindred spirit who is reaching for your light as I am mine. It’s a profound journey, & your guidance was most welcome!” – VP

quotebutton_@2x“I cannot even begin to share all that has been transformed in my thinking and being through your words and your big love.” – CW

quotebutton_@2x“Many, many thanks for opening your heart and sharing your words of wisdom over these last 30 days! It was a joy to start my day with you and carry your inspiration with me throughout the day.” – LO

An invitation to pause for daily soul care

In Everyday Soul Care: Self-Kindness you’ll go on a journey of self-discovery that will inspire a richer, deeper, kinder inner life. Come join me for what I know will be a profound, heart-expanding experience.

How it works: Daily lessons will be sent to you via email and will continue for 30 days. You can pace through the lessons as quickly or slowly as you want, but because this course was designed as a daily practice for 30 days, I recommend pausing for a bit of soul care at least every couple of days, if not every single day.

Either way, you’ll have these lessons forever and can refer to them as often as you’d like. You’ll also always have access to the private Facebook community to help inspire you indefinitely (though not required to join).

All sales are final. Because of the nature of this offering (once you sign up, the lessons are automatically delivered), all sales are final.

My self-kindness journey

These same practices have been traveling with me on my path ever since, companions that have helped sustain a thriving soul-care wellness practice that is at the heart of my experience as a human.

As a teacher of many courses that blend creativity and spirituality, I’ve found that my community of students deeply resonate with my lessons on soul care, specifically practices that deepen our connection with ourselves. In Everyday Soul Care: Self-Kindness, I’m offering up all of my well-loved practices, thoughts, stories, and hard-earned lessons in hopes of illuminating the lights within all of us that are craving more tender, loving, joyful kindness.

As a former clinical social worker, I’ve always been an advocate for inner soul work. I deeply believe in the power of healing and transformation that comes with pausing each day for a few moments of self-reflection. My deepest self-kindness work, however, began in my mid 30’s when my son was born. I suffered intense birth trauma, which led me towards an extraordinary journey of healing.

I learned deep, spiritual lessons during this time, an up-leveling of awakening. At the heart of that healing and awakening were the soul/self-care practices that I slowly integrated into my everyday life, much of them centered around self-kindness.

Kind words:

quotebutton_@2x“I continue to marvel at the sincerity and helpfulness of the posts and am jotting down your many bits of wisdom.”

quotebutton_@2x“Thank you for sharing your wisdom of loving truths – they help heal those delicate wounds we tend to hide from all others and even can hide from ourselves at times, giving us the allowable chance to grow and move on from past hurts and issues to be that who we truly are and meant to be.” – LQ

quotebutton_@2x“Thank you once again for rearranging my brain and heart cells.” – BG

quotebutton_@2x“Your writing always make me happy. I feel bold and inspired when I read your posts. Your gifts are many but when you share and tell us things that you struggle with, or things that you love, or ways that you are grabbing new ground, I see sunshine, spring and the best of the human spirit.”

quotebutton_@2x“What has been so tender and unexpected for me is how transformative being kind to yourself can be…I am beginning to really SEE myself…and hold and care for myself like a dear loved one.”

quotebutton_@2x“Like all of Kelly Rae’s classes, this is an invitation to show up, go deep, listen to whispers, have fun, grow and BE more than you ever dreamed YOU could be!!!!!”

quotebutton_@2x“Thank you Kelly Rae from the my bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for teaching me how to quiet the gremlins and listen to my soul whispers for they are beauty-full and I should listen.””