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Leave A Letter, Take A Letter

Remember way back when we added a little kids library to our Little Free Library? The kids love it and I love the community that has grown from having both big person and little person libraries. Earlier this year, we took it a step further and added a little annex to...

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Backyard Remodel Dream Come True!

Did I tell you that we started a big backyard remodel project? We started it weeks and weeks ago (in the Spring), but it’s starting to come along now. Our goal is to have a backyard that we actually use and enjoy year round (vs before when it was either a mud...

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Kelly Rae gets a TINY Art House, Part 1

Remember way back when I decided to let my large and beautiful studio go? Shortly after that, I moved my studio into a spare bedroom of my house while I dreamt up some plans for a sweet tiny art cottage to go in our backyard. The idea has always been to simplify, and...

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House Tour – Guest Room

I can’t believe I never shared photos of our old guest room in our old house. I loved this room and thought I’d share the photos now…better late than never, yes?   All Photos via She Saw Things  More home tours...

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How to make a patchwork wallpaper wall

I have always wanted to make a patchwork wallpaper wall, and I finally decided to go for it. I’m so, so glad I did.  I thought I’d share our process as so many of you on Instagram and Facebook wanted to know and I think we should all have at least one wall...

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Home Tour: True’s Room!

Today I’m sharing a tour of True’s room. It was one of the first rooms to come together, and we love how it turned out. Come take a peek… This is what the room looked like when we bought the house: And this is what it looks like now: We painted the...

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Home Tour: The Family Fort!

I can’t believe I’m still doing room tours when we moved in to our new home over a year ago. I’ve learned it takes that much time to get settled! Today I’m sharing a tour of the room we call our “Family Fort” – it’s big...

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Home Tour: Master Bedroom!

Hi friends! I thought I’d share another room tour today. As I’ve said in the others, we’re slowly making this place our home, and we’re loving it. This summer is so different from last. Last summer we were just moving in, and this summer...

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