On saying no to Australia

Jun 19, 2008 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

my head is spinning with what i want to say…

i want to say that i was invited to teach in australia this week and how unbelievable that felt. i want to say that i said yes, but after initial happy dances and then more careful soul consideration, i said no. i want to say that i’m likely crazy for making this decision but that i’m learning to follow my heart and my heart continues to ask, “what is it you really want to do?” and the answer is this: i want to teach, but only inside a collaborative effort with my creative friends (such as our italy trip coming up this fall). my heart is also telling me this: outside of teaching project oriented classes, i want to consider writing my heart out into words and then delivering those words perhaps in speaking opportunities, perhaps facilitating heart and soul conversations and discussions with other creative women. i want to write my story but even more, i want to tell my story which feels wonderfully personal and universal all at once – how any of us can truly and honestly follow our creative bliss into a real and true existence. i know the words and the speaking would be tremendously terrifying for me but this idea sounds frightening in a good way. i’d say it’s mondo beyondo. big dream. of course i want to keep creating, too – i’m about to move into a new studio space with a couple girls and i couldn’t be more excited about it – i’m really curious if i’ll be more productive having a creative space outside of my living space (i’m thinking so).

back to australia…i’m not sure about the rest of you but sometimes i really struggle with diciphering whether or not i’m resisting something because im simply afraid of it or if i just don’t want to do it because my heart is somewhere else. this is where the soul listening comes in. i absolutely celebrated the invitation – what an honor. maybe one day i’ll make it there. they are amazing people (thank you guys, if you’re out there, for your support)!

in other news…i have been slowing going thru all the boxes that arrived this week from the publisher. they are full of the book’s actual artwork – i was nervous about seeing it all again (it’s been awhile), but the memories are flooding in from 2007 when i spent so many evenings up until 1am (sometimes 3am) writing and painting for this book. what an experience. i hope you guys love the artwork inside this book as much as i do. it’s all work that has never been seen before and made specifically for the book. i want to say a special, and HUGE thank you to judy wise, swirly, mati, stephanie, jennifer, dj, and laurie for each contributing amazing, amazing work to this book – you will be blown away by what they did. i can’t wait to show you!

and can i just say that i went to my first ever professional soccer game this week and guess who was there…so cool.

Sending much love,

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    Enjoyed listening to you on Jeanne Oliver’s podcast. It resonated with me.
    Takes courage and being so in touch with oneself…
    Well done

  2. Leah

    Hi Kelly I am an Australian social worker and art dabbled. I have been following you for so long all four of my kids and my partner know all about you. I wish you could come to Australia one day we could benefit from your optimism and joy. Thanks for the inspiration Leah

  3. all over the map

    i haven’t been here in a while and when i saw australia and you and might be coming here ……… i thought yay!
    what an invitation and for purely selfish reasons, yeah i wish you were coming although i’m guessing you wouldn’t be coming to western australia but still!
    we will welcome you with big, wide-open arms when the time is right for you.
    enjoying catching up on all your bliss.

  4. Rebecca Vavic (nee Geach)

    I am saddened to hear you turned the offer down.
    Purely for my own selfish reasons LOL!!I am one disappointed Aussie Chick 🙂

    I respect your decision to go your own path.

    And my hubs, AND MY bank balance thank you… I am still trying to convince hubs that me flying to Perth (the other side of the country) and spend about 2K is a GOOD idea, so I can meet Sabrina. HUMPF, dont thing that will happen this year either 🙂

    Guess I’ll meet you in Italy one year 🙂 With Sabrina I hope 🙂 xox

    Hugs and love
    Bek xo

  5. kim the midwife

    i’ve been lurking for a while, enjoying your story on you heart’s leap into art and feeling it even more knowing we live in the same town.

    i have been struggling a lot, trying to know what i really want v. what i am afraid of. i leaped into art at 21, was a successful jeweler, then again into midwifery. soon i will be doing hospital births again- my first since school in 10 years. i had a homebirth practice, but left it when i had my daughter 3 1/2 years ago.

    i am SCARED. i’m doing it because i don’t want to lose the skills, because i want to, but mostly because i “should.” i do miss attending births, but i am not eager to go from 20 to 32 hours a week… which means less kid time, less creative time. sometimes i wonder if it is the “right thing.”

    i commend your courage to say no.

  6. kellyrae

    you aussie girls are so sweet and inviting. thank you, thank you. one day, it will happen. one day.

  7. Anonymous

    Like the other Aussie girls who have commented already, I am disappointed that you aren’t coming to Australia. My friend and I have looked longingly at your Italy workshop and said ‘if only there was something like this closer to us’. I even went around my house to see if there was something that I could sell that would give me enough money to get to Italy….but not this time!
    But after saying all of that, you must do what you need to do for you sometimes.
    Maybe Australia might be on your agenda another time!!
    The next best thing for us, is your book which we have both ordered….can’t wait until it arrives.
    Take care

  8. Miriam Kaye

    hi kelly, I’m really sad you can’t make it to Australia, but I understand your reasons for not doing it now 🙂 I’m just so glad I’ve had the opportunity to find your blog and pre-order your great book. I so can’t wait to checkout the artwork.

    Take care and greetings from down under!


  9. Anonymous

    i never knew those words “follow your heart” would ring so true with so many people.
    i know you made the right decision….

  10. Anonymous

    I LOVE that you are so tuned to your inner guidance– that is a very great thing– and cannot wait for my copy of your book!!!!

    yum yummer so yum!!


  11. Katrina

    congrats on the books arriving! i can’t wait to see them in person. and congrats on the new studio space, sounds delightful. and mostly, congrats on following your heart about the australia offer. i LOVE the idea of you facilitating inspirational groups and/or offering inspirational talks. oh my…

  12. Kirsten Michelle

    i’ve not commented in a while, sweetie…
    but i’m still here…still reading along as you follow your heart and find your way…inspiring me and so many others as you go.

    i just ordered my copy of your book, finally!!!
    it seems kinda wrong, ordering myself such beautiful present on YOUR birthday 😉
    but what can i say…i finally had the money, 5 minutes and well, you and the amazing year that’s about to unfold for you were on my mind.
    wishing you many, many happy returns of the day, kelly.

  13. Megan P

    I am so sorry you will not be teaching in Australia. I respect and admire your strength to follow that which is true to yourself, but I am sad I will not get to learn from you.Just as well I ordered your book! Megan

  14. Heather, paperfollies.typepad.com

    Follow your heart Thursday…that’s what I say! Love the photo of the shoes in front of the boxes! Hee,hee. And can’t
    W-A-I-T to get my copy of your book, yippee!

  15. carolyne

    kelly, i am a closet fan of yours and this is my first comment to you. as an australian i was doing back flips thinking about the possibility of meeting you when i read your post – i hope some day you reconsider visiting our home, i love your work as so many do. hugs.

  16. kellyrae

    shelia, you can preorder your copy of my book from my website (www.kellyraeroberts.com)

    christianne, david beckham is a world famous soccer player aka posh spice’s husband.

    amy, i so want to make it to australia! someday!

  17. amy

    as an Australian i have to say i am a little disappointed.. i’m just teasing! your words are lovely and inspiring. i know i can learn a lot from your willingness to make brave choices that resonate with your heart. i’m sure there will be other opportunities for you to come and visit.. if you want to. take care.

  18. justagirl

    exciting news for you, sounds like you have done lots of thinking and I am sure you will have made the right decision.

    I went to my first professionl soccer game in Wellington NZ earlier this year and saw David too…!!! I know your joy.

    Can’t wait to see the book, and good fun having a studio away from home. Nice to have other people around to throw ideas at etc…


  19. Lelainia N. Lloyd

    Every “no” is a “yes!” to something else.

  20. magicaldamselfly

    I want a copy of your amazing book so where do I go to get a copy?

    If you follow your heart you can’t go wrong.


  21. Alex aka Gypsy Girl

    Dearest Kelly ~ I love this post and how you are true to your heart. Great insights ~ I will sure keep that in mind for my own business. I’m so anxious to get my hands on your book!!! Look fwd to seeing you soon… Let’s plan? Always inspired by you ~ xoxxo

  22. Marilyn

    Kelly, you are such an inspiration! You have such a gift of saying it all in a way that really encourages us. Others may write ‘you can…’ or ‘follow…’ but your personal journey stories provide connecting points that are real and motivating. Thanks!!! Can’t wait to see your new book! Hugs, Marilyn:)

  23. Judy Wise

    Congratulations, Kelly, all the doors are swinging open at once for you. What an amazing experience, watching your journey is beautiful.

  24. Carmen

    Kelly you inspire me in ways that no one else ever has. I admire your ability to be true to your heart and follow your dreams, where ever they take you or wherever they keep you.

    I relate so much to what you say and I’m am just starting on my own personal journey of soul searching and listening and following my inner guide.

    Thank you for sharing your stories and your personal journey. You give so much hope to those of us that read what you write.

    I would love to someday take part in one of your collaborative speaking sessions. What an inspirational idea.

    Keep following your heart and don’t ever let fear stop you. As you already know you must continue getting out of your comfort zone in order to grow.

    Anything is possible.



  25. Christianne

    congratulations, kelly, on the invitation to australia! that is indeed an honor. i think it’s great and amazing that you reconsidered going because you went deep into your soul space to hear what it was telling you. all that you want to do sounds fantastic and inspiring! i have no doubt it can happen and no doubt that many other women will be inspired just as we all have been here.

    ummmm . . . i looked at the photo of the soccer game on flickr, but i’m either totally uneducated on famous people or totally blind. who did you see??

  26. Karoeza

    Good for you to stay close to your heart!
    We all have those periods that we go back to ourselfs and wandering what we really want, instead of going with the flow ans doing what others would like us to do.

    Love your ideas, i think you have enough to inspire other women.
    Love your new book too, i do believe i want a copy 😉

    Thanks for your inspiration so far.

  27. onwingslikethese

    I go through this so much too – wondering if I don’t want to do something because of fear, or sometimes laziness (I just don’t want to do all that hard work), or because it’s just not what I truly want to do. I’m going through that right now trying to decide if I should stay in college (I just started this summer) and then transfer to art school.

    I can’t wait to see where you go next, Kelly. You have been such an inspiration to me. I’ve read through your whole blog and your words have indeed encouraged, inspired, and motived me to believe that my creative dreams can come true. Please keep writing and painting. Your words and art have made a positive difference in my life and, I’m sure, in many others too.


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