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May 3, 2007 | Life in Progress

May our eyes remain open even in the face of tragedy.
May we not become disheartened.
May we find in the dissolution
of our apathy and denial,
the cup of the broken heart.
May we discover the gift of the fire burning
in the inner chamber of our being –
burning great and bright enough
to transform any poison.
May we offer the power of our sorrow to the service
of something greater than ourselves.
May our guilt not rise up to form
yet another defensive wall.
May the suffering purify and not paralyze us.
May we realize the greatness of our sorrow
and not run from its touch or flame.
May clarity be our ally and wisdom our support.
May our wrath be cleansing, cutting through
the confusion of denial and greed.
May we not be afraid to see or speak our truth.
May the bleakness of the wasteland be dispelled.
May the soul’s journey be revealed
and the true hunger fed.
May we be forgiven for what we have forgotten
and blessed with the remembrance
of who we really are.

~ The Terma Collective

thank you, mom, for sending this to me today. it could not have come on a better day. i’ve already read it many, many times. it is nourishment.

Sending much love,

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  1. cheeky

    Moving and true. It’s even sweeter that your mom sent it to you. I love that!
    Sorry to hear about sweet Bella, *sigh*.

  2. daisies

    oh … thank you for sharing this treasure …

  3. Alex aka Gypsy Girl

    Oh! Beautiful! This is a very nourishing prayer. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gwen

    I love this! Thanks for sharing, sorry that you didn’t get to stay at the beach longer. I have been imagining you there–I love the Oregon coast.



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