Can you spot what’s wrong in this photo? Embracing imperfection over here!

Apr 3, 2019 | Kelly Rae Builds A House, Kelly Rae Moves To Sisters

Can you spot what’s not quite right in this photo?  Once you find it, tell me what you’d do about it. Live with it? Redo it? Would it drive you nuts or not so much? We are totally keeping it. I love the imperfection of it, especially for a new build. Still can’t see it? Scroll to the bottom of this post for the answer.

I can hardly wait to get in here and start decorating. Meanwhile, we’re slowly finding our way here in Sisters. There have been days that feel really good and there have been days that have been hard. The newness, the untethered feeling, the ungroundedness that comes with a big move – it all takes time. And grace. And self-kindness. And trust. And patience. Lots of self-care over here.

Meanwhile, I am truly loving working on (and dreaming about) this house. I am super itching to get in my studio and PAINT. I have missed having a painting studio, a little place to escape to for soul nurturing and care. I have missed it more than I thought I would.

It has, however, been giving me time to actively dream about this next season of life. I’m feeling really called to host retreats here in Sisters. I’m also feeling called to open up a cute home and gift and art boutique/workshop space. I love dreaming. I really really do.

Answer: The tile is all mixed up! Of the 46 or so tiles, about 15 of them are what we actually choose and the others are NOT what we chose. Ha! 

Sending much love,

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  1. Debbie Pojednic

    I still don’t see the problem lol. I th I k it looks great!

    • Carolyn Powers

      I don’t see it either. Looks fine to me. Where’s the hearth?

  2. Souly Sister

    Oh my! I could not spot it at all. So when I read what the differences are – it made me smile. How often do I see myself as a square peg in a round hole?!? Then it got me reminiscing about that Sally Jessica Parker sitcom from the 80’s called “Square Pegs” and that little song that opened the show…”Square pegs, square pegs, square, square, PEGS!! — One size does not fit all.”
    My thoughts–if it makes YOU smile, it’s perfect.

  3. Cheri Mirabella

    I love balance and symmetry and composition. I know that this would either be forgotten or drive me a little crazy as a centre piece of the room. Maybe a table or a more total mix matched tile all over:) Maybe a pillow….lol! I know myself and give myself permission to enjoy what sets my soul at ease and comfort, and this would be a constant conversation piece which would remind me to pick out the mismatched to folks or draw my eyes to the imperfections. It might be funny and light at first, but then would perhaps urge me to think about what I would do differently next time and take away from my ability to be settled in the present.

  4. Sass

    If each time you sit in this room in future, you will notice the imperfection and be annoyed, then I say have the company correct it now.
    If that is not the case , then you lucked out to get a design so very close to your original choice.
    Be happy in your new space.
    Peace and joy to you and family,

  5. bobbi arbore

    I love to move to new places and new houses. If it was easier and, most of all, cheaper, I’d move continuously. I love how even old possessing feel like new in a new place. I can’t wait to see what your new place will look like once it’s finished!

  6. SouthRiverRobin

    Just so you know — I’m an interior designer and I loved ur little test. I am tuned in to details (or so I thought … ha ha). I did NOT pick up on the tile difference. It’s a lovely pattern of FLOW. Even Knowing it’s there now does not change that. Let it Be, Baby.

  7. Marcia Tate

    I vote for live with it. I’m a perfectionist, but these are so similar. There are enough of both designs, and they are scattered about so they really look like you meant to do it.

  8. Pat Beaver

    Hi from Michigan! I think the fireplace tiles are perfect where perfection is needed, which is where the tiles meet! Having variety in the pattern within each tile actually spices it up, creating more of an art installation. The “imperfections” or variety in the pattern allows a viewer’s eyes to rest in areas where the flower-like pattern is more concentrated. It’s a beautiful statement feature in the room! I’d love to watch your work progress on HGTV!

    • Debbie G

      Some of the “flower” petals are roundish some are more petal shaped. And the “connectors” some look roundsh and some more “squarish “. Imperfect words for perfect imperfections 😊

  9. Christina Masters

    Hello from Maryland! I stared at the picture like I was looking for Waldo. I never noticed anything amiss. The fireplace looks great. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  10. Jean T. Siegel

    Drapery soft beautiful curtains draped on both sides. Would not be too big for the space allowing people to enter the space.

  11. Diana Cohen

    It’s a very subtle but interesting imperfection. It keeps the mind engaged when it’s found. I think you should keep it. There’s a certain charm about it. 🙂

  12. Valérie Roussel

    I can not see what is wrong… but I always lived and embraced imprefections. Probably that is why. Everything looks perfect to me !ah, ah

  13. simky singh

    i just want to say that your posts are truly a blessing for me. They are soulful and so from the heart…they light up my day and i always look forward to hearing from you. I wish i was somewhere near you and would have loved to enroll myself for every module of yours…sitting here in india and wishing you the best.

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Thank you for your kindness, Simky. Made me smile as I sit here reading with tea 🙂

  14. AnneMarie

    As a dear friend would tell me, ‘Only the divine creator of everything that exists can create perfection.’ The Amish always place a piece in every quilt that’s not positioned correctly. This reminds them of their walk of humility in life.

    Let it go and love it for its imperfect and humble charm.

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      I’ve heard this about the Amish and I so LOVE that we have our own little Amish practice in our home!

  15. Susan

    I think the tiles fit. You can definitely add your creativity to it.

  16. Roshelle

    Five tiles two toward the top center left, two on the upper right, and very bottom center left have an extra circle of dots in pattern; they are a near match, not a match. I just found three others after reading your answer. I think it is bright, quirky and joyful. Hmmm…that reminds me of a blogger I read. She would definitely choose joy. It is much more interesting than one kind of tile.

  17. Sandra Malone

    I see the tiles you’re talking about…….leave them. At first, I thought you were missing a hearth. But you must not have wanted one…….


    I see the tiles you’re talking about…….leave them. At first, I thought you were missing a hearth. But you must not have wanted one…….

  19. Joyce Pontius

    If every time you look at it you never think about it being wrong, then keep it. If you can’t do that, then it needs to be changed.

  20. Alicia King

    I can’t see anything! And I always feel like an expert at these things, ha ha! looks beautiful! Maybe I need to get my eyes checked 😉

  21. Maureen

    I love the tile you chose. The circle effect is so lovely– a symbol of home, family, community, the earth. I wouldn’t “embrace perfection” unless it was done with love by someone I know. At first, of course, I saw the tiles you didn’t choose and was puzzled by so staid a choice–staid is definitely not you! If I had hired a company to do it, that’s a screw up, and I would happily give the company the opportunity to make things right so I could recommend them to others.
    P.S. Thanks for asking!

    • Maureen

      Hah! Talk about “perfection/imperfection!” Above, I meant to write…”I wouldn’t embrace imperfection.” It was really fun to read the replies, everyone!

  22. Christine E-E

    It’s part of the creative process! Not perfect, but you can live with it. At least they are the same colors…. and from what I can tell, they are randomly spread throughout the face of the fireplace…. can’t wait to see what you do with this house.

  23. Leslie Hamp

    It looks perfect! All the decisions and move and shifts to #createthelifeyoucrave, breathe, walk and love that vegan lifestyle. All will be better than your creative brain can imagine!

  24. Sandra McGill

    I only see the tile around fireplace but understand that happens when the area is not perfect to the height and width of the tile. Wouldn’t bother me. Blessings in all your decisions for yourself and family.

  25. Robyn

    Okay–I still can’t see it…Ha! Overall, it is beautiful. So, will your eye always go to the tiles you didn’t pick? Or, are they close enough that you will eventually not see them? If your gut is wrenching, change them. If you can laugh at it, keep them. 🙂

  26. Lynn Panepinto

    I couldn’t tell what was wrong! I’d live with it because it has character and interest!

  27. LindaSonia

    You had to tell me what was wrong – I never saw it 🙂 so I suppose that means I’d live with it.

  28. Suze Clark

    The tile! I’d live with it. As a quilter there is always a square that is not right. My quilt instructor called it the ‘Gods Eye’. She reminder me that as human when we creat it’s not about perfection….it’s about the creative process and the imperfections that show up. We embrace the imperfections.


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