Here’s to inviting ourselves into the lives we want to be living. An update on our new life!

Mar 21, 2019 | Kelly Rae Moves To Sisters, Life in Progress

Oh hello, new life. Hello, riding my bike to the post office with ease. Hello, sunshine and creative energy and inspiration rushing in. I have missed you. 

As I make my way into this new life here in small town Sisters, Oregon, I keep discovering gentle reminders everywhere. They sound like this: “Yes, it can BE that simple.”,”You can take your time.”,”It takes as long as it takes.”, and “Enjoy this.”⠀⠀

With each new day, it seems my heart is landing, fully resting with each exhale. From meeting the friendliest people ever to easy commutes with breathtaking views to feeling my creative inspiration rush in, and my heart expand.

I’m really really happy.  

(She says “Choose Courage” and “Be glad” – archival print available here)

As I slooowly drop into a way of being that values less doing and less hustling, I’m finding more s p a c e for other things to drop in. Things like nothingness, ease, peace. Middle of the day walks and conversations with friends. More inspiration dropping into my consciousness. More enthusiasm. Joy. FREEDOM.⠀⠀⠀

True is LOVING his school (2nd grade!). John is LOVING the outdoors. And I am finding a sweet harmony between work and nature and motherhood and community and eons of self-care and self-kindness.

Ahhhhhh. Getting there. This transition has been such a threshold for my family. We’re making our way into a whole new way of living.  I’m being constantly reminded how the journey is worth it. The big decisions. The worry. The TRUST. All worth it.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

(Archival prints available here)

I’m also reminded that there is always room for more kindness, especially in transtions. More self-compassion, more soul care, and yes, more flowers. Here’s to inviting ourselves into the lives we want to be living. It is such worthy work.

Thank you for all the support these last many weeks and months as we have found our way!

Sending much love,

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