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Home Tour: Master Bedroom!

Hi friends! I thought I’d share another room tour today. As I’ve said in the others, we’re slowly making this place our home, and we’re loving it. This summer is so different from last. Last summer we were just moving in, and this summer...

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Home Tour: Kelly Rae’s Kitchen!

Hello friends! I recently shared the dining room and living room tours with you, and today it’s all kitchen! We’ve now been in our home about 15 months. As I’ve said in the other room tours, it’s taken that long to truly get settled in, and we...

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Studio Tour!!

We moved into my new studio/office about 4 months ago. We’re settled. We’re in love. And I still sometimes pinch myself that I have a dedicated space, all to myself, outside of my home. I’ve come a long way on this creative journey – ten years...

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Home Tour: Dining Room!

Our dining room has come together. We love, love, love this room. We eat here, collect mail piles here, drop off our bags here. It’s a true family dining room, happy, colorful, and used. Enjoy the tour! BEFORE: When we toured this house, above is what the dining...

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House Tour: Our Living Room

We’ve been in our home a year. A full year. We love, love, love it here. I pinch myself, daily, and hold so much gratitude for this space that holds us, nurtures us, inspires us. Also, I can’t tell you how meaningful of a journey it has been to take our...

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Goodbye Soul Shine Studio (wah!)

A year ago, I moved into a new beautiful studio space with three dear friends. We called it Soul Shine Studio. And it was amazing. You can read the full story and see the full tour here. The truth is is that this space has been deeply grounding and beautiful this last...

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Basement Before and After

I just realized that I never showed the before and after photos of our basement remodel in the old house! It’s such a major transformation, that I HAD to share.  BEFORE: This is what it looked like when we moved in. Pretty dingy. We took our time remodeling...

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Kitchen wall of crate boxes.

So. I’ve been really inspired by the look of apple crate walls. Have you guys seen these around? If not, you gotta check them out – here’s a quick glance. Pretty cool, right? In our old home, we had lots of built-ins in our dining room, plus glass...

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