Feeling the love and blessing of turning 44 years young.

Jun 24, 2019 | Life in Progress


Dear friends,

My 44th birthday was one for the memory books. It was, hands down, the best birthday I’ve had in recent memory. It was a day of simple abundance, a sweet collection of moments with my family that gently made their way into my heart throughout the whole day, my eyes wide open to their sweetness along the way. I was present for the receiving, too, which is sometimes hard, no?  To be loved and to witness it coming your way is a significant gift itself – the gift of allowing, I suppose. I felt really loved. Brave in love.



True organized a generous and thoughtful party in his room, complete with activities, music, and a disco ball. I could hardly stand it, my heart bursting with joy. He also made me a necklace with blue citrine, which was so dear. His enthusiasm for celebrating others is one of the many reasons I adore him.

John made me a gorgeous piece of art, made from woodcuts, which I immediately hung in the new dining room. My parents were here, too, which was also lovely. Mom and I went to one of the local nurseries and bought a bunch of hanging plans for our wrap around porch, something I’ve been waiting to do for weeks. It felt like such a gift.


(This is us up at Three Creek Lake, a quick 20 minute drive from our house)


I can feel and sense a big shift and it has something to do with turning 44. As a believer in Angel Numbers, signs and synchronicities, I know 44 is significant and I can totally feel it. It feels like I’ve been navigating all sorts of choppy waters and storms this last year or so, slowly but surely trusting that the river would smooth out eventually. The timing of my 44th with our house being done, unpacked, and our new life well on its way – well, it feels like we’ve made it to smooth waters. Not only is the river smooth, but the views are expansive, calming. True and I have been saying “Ahhhhh, this is the life!” so much lately, and that’s exactly what it feels like. Along the way, I’m finding myself leaning deep into gratitude vs my default “when is the shoe gonna drop” mentality. Feels like good, worthy soul work.

I am so, so grateful. Here’s to 44!



PS: Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me for the big sale! It was a huge success and I can’t thank you enough for all the orders. John is busy shipping out hundreds of prints. He should have them all out by Wednesday this week. Thank you!


Sending much love,

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  1. maggie kasvosve

    I will be turning 44 on 20 November and I thought there is something special and I look forward to it.


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