the last home tour….a green couch + a colorful bedroom

Apr 8, 2009 | Home + Studio Tours

we are finally, finally all moved in. unpacked. decorated. completely settled. our bedroom was the last to come together and i think it might be our favorite bedroom in our 10 years together. lots of light. color. and fun (hello, [fake] zebra rug!).
the painting above the bed is the one mati and i painted together. bedding was found in the clearance section over at and our globe lamp on the left was an ikea find (and so fun at nite). like the rest of our home, this room is a collection of new, vintage, art, funky, and color.
i found this vintage vanity at a garage sale years ago. i immediately took it home, painted it white, and have loved it’s girlishness ever since (we all secretly want a vanity, right ladies?). it holds my porcelain hands that hold my treasures, an old beautifully aged jewelry box, and a couple other lovely tokens that make my heart warm.
this would be my side of the bed :). painting is by a portland painter whose name i can’t remember (and who, i think, must have forgotten to sign the back of this particular painting). i loved the experience of finding this piece of art with john. we both saw it and loved it right away. an old wooden sewing machine case (with black doorknob feet) sits on top of a couple of vintage suitcases. and a quirky vintage shade is paired with a glass lamp – totally doesn’t “go” but i love it anyway.
some of my fave necklaces….
the framed polaroid print is from friend hula’s etsy shop (love all of her stuff). and the winged bottle was a creation of my mom’s that i just can’t live without.
and finally…last but not least:


call us crazy, but we bought a funky green couch. a leather one. omg. we’ve had this baby on order for weeks and weeks and it was so fun to have it delivered (finally) last week while my parents were here. i have no idea what’s gotten into me, but i’m so incredibly thankful i have a partner in life who is adventurous, embraces the creative, and supports the buying of green couches. i can’t help but smile wide whenever i sit on it. it’s just so….risky. and quirky. and cute.
dearest blog peeps, please tell me i’m not crazy. that i will still love this couch (as much as i love it today) years and years from now. that being bold is following our bliss. that life is too short not to have a green couch. that it works. and if you don’t mind, i’d love to hear about your craziest decorating judgements – the good ones. the bad ones. the funny ones. how do you express your creativity in your home? does it come thru loud and clear? is it subtle? are you feeling the heavy compromise with your partner who prefers neutrals over colors (or vice versa). are there ways you can sneak your undeniable creativity into your living spaces (because this is so important)?  i’d really love to know 🙂

Sending much love,

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  1. Ruth

    Yes! I looked up lime green couch What were they thinking? In 2 days I am getting my lime green and oversized chair w/ ottman for sun room I have waited 7 weeks. I love it. You are definitely CRAZY and not alone

  2. disa
  3. Katie Jane


    I was searching for my very own green couch and your image came up on google. I am a Art student at MICA and just got my very own apartment in which i am filling with as many things that i LOVE no matter how crazy or bold they are. I want my apartment to be full of life and color. Artists need the environment around them to be expressive, we express our own art in our own lives. I love your house, and many of the ideas that i have found on your site. It is a pleasure to have come upon it and i will keep up with it. I hope to fine the green couch i am supposed to have!

    katie jane

  4. Erica Cooper

    Hello Kelly,
    I just discovered the posts about your home. So lovely, lively and you… I am so glad you went with your heart and decided on the green leather sofa! You will always love it and feel confident with your bold choice.
    I am a designer and often have to nudge clients to use the color of their hearts instead of feeling too "safe". Even though it feels really bold to have made that decision with color, (as people tend to feel most comfortable with "safe and boring" colors) you have actually chosen a wonderfully versatile color! That gorgeous shade of green will go with almost any color combination you can dream up… from the quiet and neutral shades of brown and cream, to punchy hues of turquoise and coral, the classic color combo of navy and red or into some softer tones such as sea blue and yellow, you have chosen a fabulous color that you will always be able to decorate with and never tire of. It is the artist in you… knowing colors from the heart are always the correct choice.
    I love your blog and your art…I am so thankful and blessed to have come across an artist with such a confidence and love for what she does, thank you for inspiring all of us! You rock Kelly Rae… keep smiling.
    Erica Cooper

  5. Jen

    Green rocks. If I could find a great green couch, I would be in heaven.

  6. Jennifer

    Your house is beautiful. I love the way you decorated it. All the color and personal touches. And I love the green couch. It is so inspiring and fun.

    Could you help me decorate my studio apartment? 🙂

  7. Mary

    My home is a mix of antiques and thrift store finds, but I have to say that if I lived in your house, I would be smiling constantly. LOVE your green couch!!! And your master bedroom? Divine!

  8. Brenda

    I didn't take the time to read through all the comments… and your colors are wonderful… and you live in the Pacific NW.. ( I live in the Portland area)… but my questions is… Does anybody live there? Not in Seattle. We know people live in Seattle. Your house. Nothing is out of place. Everything is perfect.

  9. Adena

    I love your green couch!!! (actually, your whole house is great) Almost any other shade of green would be bleh but that is awesome!!

  10. Christine

    Everyroom is amazingggg!!! i think iv died and gone to heaven.. i have been trying to accomplish a vintage look for my bedroom for yrs but i dont think i could ever make it look like yours. i envey your designs, great work.. & the couch is perfect, the crazier the better, i think haha

  11. Anonymous

    I absolutely love the wall color in your bedroom – can you tell me what color paint you used? Thank you!!

  12. Danielle

    hi kelly! i love your paintings and prints that you used 🙂 i'm struggling with decorating my home. my couch and loveseat are a neutral sage green and we have a really traditional rug that's cream, green, and burgundy. i really wish i could find a way to bring out our personalities into our apartment (both my hubby and i are eclectic and love love colors and variety). i just don't know how to bring that in when we can't afford to get anything else. all the wood in our apartment is dark and so is the furniture. i'm getting sick of it looking like autumn all the time! any suggestions? ps: i love your jewelry!

  13. celisa

    the green couch is soooo lovely! i’d imagine you could have all sorts of amazing dreams taking a nap on that one! 🙂

    as always the pictures of your house are so inspiring and make me want to go immediately and create something just as wonderful!

  14. Rachael

    i love your house! it’s so awesome. i have similar style: vintage, colorful, etc. i do fear though that having kids keeps things a little less detailed and out there to get messed with

  15. Ruth Armitage

    My mom’s best decorating advice is/was “Nothing is forever.” I say go for it, If you don’t love it later, you can get rid of it 🙂 I LOVE it now…. and we should live for today 🙂

  16. suzARTe

    love the green lounge. Your home looks FANTASTIC. Very bright, happy and welcoming, gotta be happy with that

  17. Anonymous

    absolutely love the way you have done up your place. Bright, happy and very welcoming. You have to be happy with the result

  18. beauxbeaux

    Green couch….so yummy…can't. stop. staring….

    It is fabulous. Your color choices are inspiring! Also, I love the way you combine vintage, modern, hand-made, etc. It's just so refreshing. I love design magazines & shows, but they often produce sterile-looking environments. Yours is so inviting!

  19. Kelly

    i LOVE the green couch!

  20. Connie Akers

    I love your home and love the sofa and you will love it forever I'm betting. I loved this green in 1965 with Navy & White and now I love it with orange and turquoise. Green is the new black!

  21. Cheryl ~ZanyMayd

    Oh Kelly,

    I LOVE the Green Couch & Everything else in your Decor ~ A+++++ I really love everything about it ~ You are so lucky to have a partner in Life that goes along with Your Creativity & Sofa Color Choices….. Keep Up the Great Work & Thanks for Sharing

  22. Anonymous

    I would love to know what name of the paint color is that you used in your bedroom. It is awesome!

  23. Alicia

    Oh my gosh, I love your place! I love your bedroom especially. I came over here from Decor8!

  24. Becca

    In a house that’s red and khaki and brown all over, I made the bold choice to paint our piano room green. Really green. We call it “BeccaGreen” because it’s so my signature color. It’s just about the same color as your couch and the painter made me approve the vivid hue THREE times and then he promised to come re-paint it if it was “too much”.
    Four years later–I STILL absolutely adore it. It’s amazing and while I’m aware that it might not work for everyone, it works for us.
    You’ll love that green couch forever. Of this, I’m sure.

    Thanks for all the inspiration–the tour of your home is AMAZING!


  25. Anthony and Brittany

    i saw this posting on decor8! love your home…so beautiful and the colors are just so cheerful and vintage! i love the rugs you have…can i ask where you got/found them…I have been searching for fun unique rugs and have been having a really hard time finding ones i like…got an ideas? help. 😉

  26. Ann

    Oh-my-flippin’-word, this is one gorgeous living space!!!!

  27. Princess of glitter

    WOW love the green couch! Brightens up the room, which I love too!

  28. Davielle aka Princess Magpie

    that sofa is FABULOUS, KRR and Jon, and believe me – as an interior designer, I've seen & worked with plenty of color. some folks can't get it quite "right", at least not w/o some experienced help, but YOU, you two, YOU have the whole "my home sings with color" down to an art form. Kudos for your courage and for your choices. 🙂 D.

  29. oldflowers4me

    hello-can i just say -your world is so full of color -warmness-and im going to say heaps of love…..singing and skipping-jo

  30. AGK

    I LOVE your decorating sense! This is the kind of style I have in mind for “one day.” I love color and brightness, and I really need to start embracing it. Thanks for sharing!

  31. lauren

    I am letting my MIL be my hang up. I know that sounds silly, but honestly, my hubby is HAPPY to go along with whatever I would like, so long as it makes me happy. And he is truly like this, so long as he can have his “man cave” and beleive me, he does! 🙂 The reason it’s difficult with my MIL is because I LOVE her ability to design, match and coordinate so I keep asking her opinions about certain colors and such and she keeps steering me back to neutrals. Sigh. Any advice?

    PS – I just ordered your book from Amazon. Is it next week yet? Is it next week yet?? Huh?? 🙂

  32. Dana Fontaine

    OH! How I long for the color in your home!

    when I was single, I adored quirky, ethnic pieces and filled my apartments with them and discovered that I loved creating a space which I brought my friends into rather instead of escaping every night. My friendships became richer as a result.

    My home was filled with yellow, red and turquoise and made me so happy! But when I got married, my husband already had a home, and it took a while before we could bring the color in.

    Sadly, shortly after we finally renovated and painted and were excited about the space, we moved across the country for work. Four years and five moves later, we are in a different country and we are stuck in a neutral rut. I long for joyful colors again and we have finally decided that we are safe to set up roots again and buy our own home which we will be able to decorate on our own terms. YIPPEE!!

    AS for your couch, I predict you will love it long after its prime.(and if you don’t – feel free to call me – I would happily adopt it for you!)

  33. Mayberry Magpie

    Color, color, color! It’s the spice of life and my home is filled with it. I have a red and black kitchen! A lavender and pink and green and blue bedroom. A red sofa.

    I think you will love your green sofa forever. I LOVE IT!

    By the way, that bedroom lamp is BRILLIANT! I can’t believe you think it doesn’t go. It’s the perfect combo.

  34. Kelly

    Just discovered your blog through decor 8! Love your space, love your blog and artwork! You are really super!


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