Registration is open for Soul Business: A Business + Wellbeing Retreat in The English Countryside!

Nov 10, 2021 | Retreats


An invitation to nurture the soul of your business while resting and nourishing your spirit, too.

Somerset, England

April 25 – 29, 2022


Hi friends! After a year+ of not being able to gather, I am over-the-moon-excited to announce this retreat!

Don’t miss this all-inclusive experience in the majestic English Countryside. It’s a small, intimate retreat. Spaces are very limited.

I’ve teamed up with my brilliant friend, Beth Kempton. Between us we have created more than 100 streams of successful income over the past decade, served hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world with our books, courses, talks, workshops, products, podcasts and more.


But more importantly, we’ve made big and small moves through the season of our lives + businesses to focus on what we love while crafting lives that truly nourish us.

I have had some of my very best business conversations with Beth and I consider her one of my dearest soul sisters. When we put our brains together, magic always ensues. We are bringing that spark to YOU next April.

Our days will be a lovely blend of deep dives into your business, and nourishing wellness practices to support your life as a business owner with the many hats that you wear.

The group is small enough that you will get tons of individual support for challenges specific to you, but also rich enough that you will learn from others too.

How amazing does this sound?

If your heart is saying “YES!”, we’d love to have you. All the details are right over here!


Our businesses are living breathing entities with a soul, a voice, and a message. We’ve specifically designed this exclusive retreat to not only nourish the soul of your business and its possibilities, but to also nourish YOU, the creative visionary, the woman who wears many hats, the brilliant leader behind her business.

Hello, soul. Hello, business. Hello, self-care.

We cannot wait to be with you in magical Somerset, UK!

Registration is OPEN and all the details are right over here.

Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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