All thing house (renovation, room tours, DIY projects, and more)

It’s almost summer, 2010. I am about 6 months pregnant. We’ve just moved back to our beloved Portland, Oregon to buy a home, yet nothing is tickling our fancy except for a little 1911 bungalow that needs complete renovation. We decide to go for it.

These posts tell the story of an intense 13 weeks of renovation, from beginning to end, from frustration to glee, from paint colors to room tours to DIY projects to more. About three weeks after renovation was complete, we moved in, unpacked, and our baby was born. Whew! That was close.

* The beginning: we come across a tiny little fixer upper
* It’s yellow, super modest (about 1200 sq ft  prior to renovation) bungalow. Good bones on the outside, one hot mess on the inside.
* 24 hours after getting the keys to the house, demolition begins. 
* Scrapping the walls only to find the coolest vintage wallpaper EVER. To save, or not?
* About halfway through the 13 week renovation process: new walls, plumbing, and more.
* Why knocking on a stranger’s door to ask them about their house colors is totally awesome.
* House reno burnout hits.
* What our daily schedule looked like during reno (nuts).
* Progress with living room and basement reno.
* On regrets + complete attic transformation into master bedroom/bathroom
* Kitchen transformation (amazing).
* Downstairs bathroom reno. 
* Full house reno: room by room, start to finish.
* Reno is over, we are moved in, and it’s hard to believe it’s ours.
* Housewarming party.

Dining room
–>Dining room update: Creating a wall of bookcases
Living room
–> We moved some stuff around: Living room redo
–> We added built ins: Third variation is the charm!
Master bed/bath (remodeled attic space)
Office in a closet
–> New office!
Guest room
–> New guest room
–>Rookie parents mistake: nursery redo
Toddler room
* Play Room
–>Basement Before + After

* Collage photo frame + handwritten words + washi tape = a love letter on the wall.
* I’m into plates. Some are old, some are new = plate wall arrangement.
* Mom got crafty with produce = pumpkin arrangement
* Boxes + drawer pulls = put feet on it.
* Old skirt = new apron.
* Washi tape + eyeglasses case = fun.
* Old suit case = awesome new desktop organizer.
* Rummage finds = brilliant garden containers.
* A stool + cute apron + heavy duty velcro = adorableness.
* Vintage wallpaper +  old dresser = cutest dresser ever.
* A door cut in half = charming DIY baby gate
* Vintage hankies + doilies + curtain rod = sweetest curtain ever.
* Old frame + ribbon + photos = creative photo display
* Lampshade + quilting scraps = adorable shade
* An old birdcage + clip-on birdies + plant = funky birdcage