I am loving this in-between time of Summer ending and Fall beginning. Still a few summer blooms to be found, while the first of the leaves are beginning to fall. I can’t quite smell Autumn yet, but it’s near, and it feels like a homecoming. Love.

True started at his new school today. I have a lovely feeling and sense that we found a great Waldorf fit for him. This school goes all the way up to the 8th grade, which brings great comfort and predictability. He is repeating first grade this year because we want him to be the oldest (vs the youngest) in his class due to his early Autumn birthday. We gave him the brave rock this morning and he gladly took it. He was both nervous and excited. Just like us.

I somehow, not really planned, slipped into a practice of not checking any social media feeds this week. My mind is quieter. Nerves are more settled. I feel better. So interesting to notice, no? My only real addiction is Instagram, but to let go of the checking it this week has been soothing.

I watched a documentary (I am totally addicted to documentaries. Do you have a fave? Let me know!) this week on Ram Dass + Timothy Leary. Ram Dass is an author I love, and this documentary made me want to read all of his books. What a bright light in this world.

I feel at peace and in joy. I don’t love a lot of what is happening in the world, but I am happy. In my life. In my heart. In my mind. I think one of the greatest gifts of growing up is the peace that comes when we allow ourselves the gift of letting go. This has been a huge struggle and lifelong practice for me. But my Let It Go muscles are getting stronger and stronger, which means my spirit is more supported, strong, and sturdy, likely strongly rooted and peaceful tree. I think we’re all like this. Like old old wise trees that need strong supports and muscles to keep us upright and peaceful. Those supports and muscles need things like water (good nutrition), nurturing (self-care), play (swings on a tree!), sunshine (time in nature!) to sustain our lives.

I can speak in metaphors all day. Who’s in?

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