Your story matters

Jan 6, 2019 | Life in Progress

your story matters


Our complicated, beautiful, layered stories MATTER.

One of the truest and most honest gifts we can give ourselves is to turn toward our stories, sit with them, honor them, and embrace them like we would a beloved friend. There is so much wisdom there. And resilience.  And humanity. And power. And celebration.

Please take a moment and close your eyes. Put your hand over your heart, and gently whisper “My story matters. I matter.”

You are a gift to this world. Not despite your story, but because of it. 

Your story matters II - Kelly Rae Roberts

(print available here)

PS: Please don’t forget to own your triumphs and victories. It takes just a much courage to be brave in our tenderness and sadness as it does to be brave in our power. Own your brilliance, your superpowers, your badassery, too. Please and thank you.

PPS: Tag those whose story has inspired you. Let them know they – and their story – matter.

Sending much love,

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  1. Melissa Dinser

    My favorite work of your’s is the image used in your blog, ” Your Story Matters” You are a gift to the world not despite your story but because of it.
    Id love to have a copy of this as a poster or canvas but can not find it.
    Is it not available?
    This spoke volumes to me, it helped me see past the trauma in my past as a victim and see who I am inspire of my past and begin to leave that victim behind.

  2. shirley lande

    I absolutely love this.

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Thank you!

  3. deidri1

    Hi Kelly,
    I have been following you for years… but haven’t been ready to step in to the open,
    and tell my story… One off betrayal… sexual abuse… sexual assault…. self harm…
    Self loathing… lost off me…. lost off my childhood… lost off my soul…. and now I’m lifted
    With nothing…. completely dead inside… I sometimes think I’d be better off being
    not hear…
    So I have sighed up for one off your courses… I just hope it can help me..thank you
    Fawn 🦋🌹

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Hi Fawn, It sounds like you are on a path toward healing some major trauma. And that takes courage. Please know your story matters and you are not alone. I want to encourage you, too, to seek help if you’re feeling like you want to harm yourself. The healing journey can be intense and there is zero shame in seeking help. Sending love…


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