19 years.

Aug 15, 2006 | Life in Progress

a friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of ones heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away. – arabian proverb.

me and garrett, 1993, on our way to highschool baccalaureate.

one of my best friends came for a visit this past weekend. we met 19 years ago this fall. 19 years! his locker was above mine. it was 7th grade. 1987. we were 12. he was definitely the smartest kid in the 7th grade, and graduated 6 years later top 10 in our class. and funny, too. all the girls thought he was the bees knees – even when he parted his hair straight down the middle. we’ve been the best of friends ever since that 7th grade year. even when he dated, and then broke up with my friends all throughout juniorhigh & highschool. even when i teased him endlessly when we were 12 years old for being shorter than i was. even when he shoved birthday cake in my face every single year at our joint birthday party. even when we exchanged silly crushes on each other, never at the same time. even when he told Mrs. McKeaver that I was throwing eraser pieces at him during 8th grade geography. even when he left florida to go to college at MIT while I went to a state school. through all the rites-of-passages that i have gone through in my life, garrett has been standing next to me the entire time. i feel very, very fortunate to have a guy best friend. i don’t think it happens very often, especially for as long as we’ve carried our friendship. he always gives the sweetest cards and letters and gifts and it was garrett that gave one of the most touching toasts at my wedding. he is very much a part of my family.

so, we spent the weekend exploring, dancing at a new friend’s 30th birthday bash, flying garrett’s super cool kite, walking all around the city – all throughout the embarcadero and up to long beach for saturday evening fun. it’s nice to make new memories in a new city with old friends. i’m a lucky girl.

here we are in 1992. we were seniors that year. i wish i had more from the 80s

and here we are almost 15 years later in my apt this past weekend. crazy.

Sending much love,

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  1. Misty Mawn

    Hey Kelly,
    How are you?
    I cannot believe how much your friend Garrett looks like my husband in the one picture…esp. in high school. Weird! The more and more I look at your pictures, I feel like we are living the same life sometimes. Well, yours is much more adventurous than mine… πŸ˜‰ Your wedding cake looks just like mine…with the berries and all.
    Will you be at Art & Soul? I would love to get a chance to talk with you?!

  2. Shorty

    Hey Kelly,
    I had an awesome time with you guys, something I really needed. It is crazy to think that we’ve been friends for so long, even though I dropped my books on your head all that first year. I’m honored to be one of your best friends and know that you will always be one of mine. Looking forward to the next visit!

  3. Nabeel

    these are such great pictures .. I love the first one .. it has that old picture effect .. u know the old and gold style.

  4. mikeypoo

    What a great thing that you have remained friends over such a long time. My best friend “Michael” and I met in the early 80’s so I totally know what you mean about having a “guy” best friend. I thought that we were unique that way too. We both went on to get married and luckily our spouses total got our friendship. Michael died of cancer in 1997, three months after being diagnoised. I was with him when he died, holding his hand and whispering in his ear how much I loved him and thanks for being my best friend. I’ve never had another friendship like that since male or female…

  5. Tammy

    How very cool! Have you heard of Moreau H.S., I’m from the bayarea and graduated in 79. You have found a beautiful gift πŸ™‚

  6. Laini Taylor

    Such a sweet tribute. I didn’t know you had a guy best friend. You’re right — that doesn’t happen very often! And, once again, your apartment looks SO CUTE!!

  7. Carol Schott

    You forgot the part about calling him “Shorty” and that’s all your parents knew him by, and one time I called his house as asked for “Shorty” and his sister said I had the wrong number….

  8. liz elayne

    love these pictures! and how wonderful that you still have such a great friendship…
    sounds like your weekend was fun!
    (and your apt. is so darn cute!)

  9. britt

    you are so cute – i totally had a crush on him in high school.

  10. Madeleine

    what a lovelt friendship you guys have. i think haveing a guy best friend can be so valuable. i have a couple and i adore them.
    those pics are so cute. and you look so at ease with one another.
    i love stories like this, friendships which really stand the test of time.


  11. Alexandra S

    And you two both look beautiful 19 years later! Am I the only person who genuinely believes we look more beautiful as we age? And theres that great, great apartment again in the background!!!!! I’d write more but its back to the 6am gym trek with Laini starting tomororw morning again–but a long email is following in the next day or two! xoxo p.s. SO excited for you about the upcoming art festival too Kelly. It will be the first of many, many, many! xo, Kelly Kelly Kelly


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