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Oct 31, 2012 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

Awhile back the talented Vivienne McMaster and I spent the day together.

I have always loved Viv’s photography, but lately I’ve been loving what she’s been doing with video (you have to check out her ecourse that she offers about making soulful videos – one class starts next week). Her work is quirky yet beautiful. Artsy yet smart. I admire the way she tells stories. And so I asked if she would be up for creating a video for me, and I was DELIGHTED when she said yes.

We spent an entire afternoon in and around my studio and she took photos and videos of the studio, of me, of my cowgirl boots, of my paints, and more. There was dancing involved. And skipping. And other ridiculous silly fun.

Then she spun her magic and created a lovely video that helps tell the story of who I am, and what I’m about.  I l.o.v.e how it turned out and wanted to share it with you….

(Video is just shy of 3 mins….watch the whole thing. There’s a treat at the end 🙂

The other huge gift from our day together was all the amazing shots she took. I have written before about what it feels like to have your photo taken (a little bit scary). In fact, I just re-read this post about getting my pregnant belly photographed and everything I wrote then about the gift of seeing ourselves through the lens of someone else is still so true. This is such a gift that photographers give us. I am crazy grateful.

Huge thanks to Viv. I’m feeling so lucky about the new video (and photos!)! I’m thinking the video is going to look lovely on my newly updated website…Thank you, Viv! And big thanks to Kerry Loeschen who created the music. If you’re looking for a musician, he’s your guy 🙂

Sending much love,

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  1. Anonymous

    dear sweet girl, this video has touched my heart and soul! You are living proof that red shoes & cowboy boots are magic, beauty is mandatory,creativity is a gift,love always wins & dance parties are a must!! Thanks for changing my world, shelley rae

  2. Erin

    Another level of "letting yourself be seen."
    Thanks for being brave in love, creativity, sadness, and VIDEO!

  3. www.charissharpe.com

    What a beautiful video Kelly Rae!

    I have to confess I have been stalking your website all day. Your story (yep I went back to the beginning) has sparked something inside of me. I've wanted to live an art led life for years but am so scared of failing. I've buried the true me deep down inside and lived the way everybody else does and I've been.. unhappy. Thank you for giving me back the spark of faith I need.

  4. RuthSMac.

    Simply Gorgeous!

  5. Lara

    I love the video, it's fantastic, demonstrates beauty, fun and creativity, three things which can be missing or in short supply in many lives.

    Thank you.


  6. anna wildey

    the video is v precious, thank u for sharing your heart with us all, i love you, and count u as one of my main inspirations.anna w in nz

  7. Chictiques Cafe

    You are so ah-dor-ah-belle! Just love that smile & those killer boots, you've got personal style as well as talent. Thanks for sharing it all with us @->-

  8. Suzan

    LOVE this. Thank you.

  9. lulu

    Kelly, that was amazing. Thank-you. L

  10. C. E. Bahnsen

    Beautiful. And I love the outfit you're wearing.

  11. Maggie Weakley

    Just Wonderful Kelly Rae just like you & your work always inspiring! Thank You!~ 🙂

  12. janel

    You GLOW! Just a wonderful, positive, happy 3 minutes….full of hope and always LOVE. Thank you.

  13. Susie

    Awesome Kelly. Loved every second, gonna watch it again, just because it made me feel so delightful inside. Goodness made for the heart and soul.

  14. eSeN

    What a lovely video! You're so cute!

  15. June Maddox

    I feel it all. Incredible video, seems as though we have met. Hummmm…June Maddox

  16. MarySarah Antonishak

    Not sure if my last comment posted. But I want you to know that I feel this video is so you, filled with love, color and encouragement.

    sarah Antonishak

  17. Lori Taylor

    Thank you for coloring my world with your very own brand of TRUE JOY! You are just too cute, Kelly Rae!

  18. Alelita

    I love this video, I love you and what you do to my heart!

  19. kimhicksartist.blogspot.com

    Kelly Rae and Viv that was such a fun video…It really captured your true spirit Kelly Rae….Beautiful pictures! LOVE LOVE LOVE…

  20. butterfly

    Lovely… watching it makes me smile – no better gift than that, thank you!
    Alison x

  21. Otter Blue

    Awesome…simply awesome!

  22. Gabrielle Fabian

    Fabulous. Inspiring. BEAUTIFUL. Authentic. Thank you.

  23. Carmen  patti

    This is perfect, Kelly Rae!

  24. Karrlin Bain

    Color me INSPIRED!!! What a great way to start the day! <3

  25. Briana, MA

    Oh my gosh, I love the video! I mean combining your spunk with Vivienne's photography/video style = AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing!
    -Briana G.

  26. Anonymous

    Such a lovely video! Just discovered your blog and art a couple of weeks ago (i live in the Netherlands) and i think it is really amazing!

  27. Charlott Jonsson

    Oh! You look absolutely gorgeous!!!
    The pictures are fab!!!

  28. refinehere

    you are such an inspiration! thank you for that Kelly … May God bless you 🙂


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