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Sep 2, 2007 | Life in Progress

(our wedding day, 6 years ago)

we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary together yesterday. this year, more than ever, i felt like screaming from the top of the hills, over the magnificent views of this city and ocean, “i love this man. and i am so proud of us.” i do, and i am.

i know that these times, these years where it’s just the two of us won’t last forever. we want a family eventually, but i’m savoring every moment of these days when we have just one another. our companionship and our love feels wide and deep and forever expanding and growing.

it’s been a big year for us as individuals and for our marriage. we’ve learned more than ever how to muster our way through the hurdles of big changes. we’ve done it together, and that’s what i’m proud of. proud of how we talk to one another, even how we argue, how we consider the other and how we both recognize and value the small things that make big differences. i feel as lucky and blessed today as i felt over 8 years ago when we met. i hope it never ends, this swirling of hope in my heart for this love. i will never grow tired of the spontaneous “i love yous” in the middle of the day or the love notes or the morning hugs + kisses or the conversations, especially the ones where we have the aha moments about our relationship that give cause for growth.

we’re not perfect, always striving to hold the balance while the tide of life takes us in and out. sometimes it seems effortless. sometimes not. i love how the universe brings to us the very person we both need and want and love. but more than anything i love how just by being who he is, i am better in every sense of the word. i love love.

ok, enough mush. see more pics our day here.

oh, one more thing. we went to the amazing sausalito art festival yesterday, and at one point we stopped to rest in the shade. look what we found when we laid back on the grass. see the heart in the negative space? do you see it? xo.

Sending much love,

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  1. Julie H

    Beautiful Mush. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Laurie Mika

    Hi Kelly,
    It was so nice spending the evening with you….I am so honored that you took a bit of time out of your “anniversary weekend” to spend a few hours with us! It is incredible how art brings all of us together….I so value this shared sense of community. Here’s to many more happy anniversaries.
    Laurie (and Corinne)!

  3. Tori

    Beautiful photos and words. Marriage is all about growing and learning and loving through it all.
    Happy Anniversary.

  4. Kel x

    Congratulations! Isn’t it a miracle and a blessing that two people can enrich each others’ lives so much. We just had our 15th and it is unbelievable.

  5. deirdre

    Happy Anniversary to you both. Isn’t it wonderful to find the person you know will stand by and love you just the way you are?

  6. kellyrae


  7. Anonymous

    happy happy anniversary! But most importantly, where did you get that cute cardigan sweater?!

  8. Tammigirl

    It’s good to recognize the beauty within your marraige, honor it & hold it near and dear.

  9. kelly

    happy marriage!

    i still drool over your dress and the red shoes! i love it when brides are simply….themselves.

  10. Kristin

    Happy Belated Anniversary!

  11. Kirsten Michelle

    i see it πŸ˜‰
    you were such a beautiful, beautiful bride, kelly!!!
    and i loved these photos you took together yesterday…you both look so happy and your eyes have a little twinkle in them that show all the love you feel for him!!!
    happy anniversary to you both!


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