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Aug 14, 2008 | Life in Progress

many months ago jen lemen and i had a vision, a hopeful retreat idea to bring a few women together on the oregon coast. i was nervous. who was i to co-lead a retreat of powerful, beautiful, creative women? how dare i play such a part in dreaming this up? how dare i think they would all say yes and come? but they did come….

and now i have no words.
just love.
just extreme gratitude.
just break-your-heart joy.

more stories of insight, bliss, and pure pure magic coming up…..

Sending much love,

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  1. Danielle

    I was floored wehn I read your post-sounds like an amazing experience. What a blessing,what a gift for all!

  2. paris parfait

    You look like a very happy little girl in that great photo. 🙂 How fantastic that you all came together for such a wonderful event!

  3. Lucy

    What a wonderful experience this must have been! It looks peaceful, serene, magical, and so full of joy. I’m sure it was a powerful and meaningful experience for every one of you.

  4. tracey clark

    kelly rae, how glad and grateful i am that you dared to dream this up and that you had the courage to make it come true. it was magic. and it was real. i miss you all so much already.

  5. matirose

    is this the most gorgeous group of women, or what?!

  6. Rowena

    This sounds so wonderful. It is close to my dream for my future.

    I suppose it’s not impossible, is it?

  7. Teresa Sheeley

    one of my favorite spots in the whole world; what a lovely peaceful connecting time it looks like you all had. can’t wait to hear more.


  8. Jill

    Kelly~ Thank you for your wonderful messages. You bring me such hope that my dreams too can be reached. Your an inspiration to me. I’m looking forward to when your in N.H. Thanks again Kelly and I wish you more joy!!
    Smiles~ Jill

  9. amy

    the photos from this retreat are just so gorgeous. the lovely light and beautiful smiles. the time and commitment that you all put into nurturing your friendships is inspiring. thank you for sharing a glimpse.

  10. Marel Lecone

    Counting the days in August for your book! Something exciting to look forward to–can’t wait.

    Mary Ellen

  11. andrea

    missing all y’all like crazy today! but feeling so incredibly full. thank you for your vision and for seeing it through. you are a star, sister.


    p.s. I want this photo!

  12. Chocolate on my Cranium

    Holy smokes you know the big names don’t you? I saw a beautiful photo of Myriam and Karen at Shutter Sisters today. Must have been taken about the same time. The coast looks so peaceful!

  13. andrea scher

    I’m so filled up!!
    thank you sweet girl.
    I missed you today at the studio.

  14. Carmen

    What a beautiful picture of some of the most amazing women. Your message today bring tears of hope to my eyes.

    Thank you for sharing. What you are doing makes my heart smile and proves that anything is possible.


  15. justagirl

    wow what a wonderful thing to be a part of, such a powerful experience… am looking forward to hearing more.

  16. Anonymous

    Where on the Oregon coast did you stay? It looks lovely in the pictures…


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