another oprah OMG!

Feb 17, 2011 | Life in Progress

(during a retreat exercise in 2009 i was asked to write down the person i most admired and why. i chose oprah and above is my list of reasons why. more on this below – the story of how this list made its way back to me is SO COOL!)
i know you guys must be so tired of me going on and on about oprah. but i cannot help myself. we leave on saturday, the show tapes on monday, and i’m still so giddy. many of you thought i was going to be on oprah given my level of excitement and you wondered how on earth i could be so crazed with glee just to get tickets to be in the audience.

i’m not usually the kind of girl to get crazy like this, but she is my person. you know how we all have that person? the one we look up to the most? the one we admire the most? the one we hope to emulate in our lives? she is that person for me. that’s why all the crazy.

the other reason i’m so crazy happy about this is because these tickets were gifted to me at a time in my life when kindness means everything. quite frankly, since having a baby and needing so much TLC, i’ve never depended on it more in my life and i’ve learned the great lesson that kindness has its most profound impact when our hearts feel weary and tired, when we’re a little hope deprived, when all we want is to be is deeply nurtured, cared for, and seen. these tickets, in some way, represent the journey i’ve been on these last four+ months – the one i’ve talked about often here in the space, the one about receiving, about generosity, about feeling it all acutely, about needing and accepting all the help that’s being offered while letting go of the old habit of suffering alone and holding it all together. i really am so grateful, not just for the opportunity to attend an oprah show, but for all the meaningful ways in which the opportunity unfolded. life is such a gift.

(close up of list)

so, about that oprah list photo above. back in 2009 i was at a retreat where we were asked to list the qualities of the person we most admired. i chose oprah and above is my handwritten list. i had totally and completely forgotten about this exercise and i’m not even sure whatever happened to the list! but, as fate would have it, one of the retreat participants (hello, kate!) happened to have a photograph of the list i wrote and she just emailed it to me yesterday! she thought i would get a kick out of it. crazy, right? LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

okay. i will stop now. i have no idea what’s gotten into me. it’s sort of silly and fun. i will see you guys back here next week where i’ll spill everything about the experience. xxoo!

Sending much love,

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