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Jun 25, 2013 | Life in Progress

These feather sighting. Sigh.
More feather finding. Every time I spot one, I think of their symbolism of awakening, spirit, lightness. A quick moment of pause, then I’m back into the fast paced life. But the pause, that pause is life infusing. 

John and I sat down on this bench, put our cups down and noticed it. #lovealwayswins
Another little treasure found at the park. Love the messages from the universe! They. Are. Everywhere.  That, and I’m totally smitten with my partnership with John right now. I’m a lucky girl. 

We collaborated on a big painting for baby's room. In progress. Loved being outside, painting, and chatting with these girls. These last days before having baby are precious and felt so good to help celebrate and usher in a new transition for @myriamjosep

That is one seriously lucky soul that is about to be born. @myriamjoseph

Such a sweet 24 hours with these two. #grateful #loveandadoremygirlfriends #myriambabyissolucky @myriamjoseph & @matirose
Mati and I went for a quick trip down to CA to spend a couple of days with our dear friend, Myriam, who is about to give birth any second. All I know is that is one extremely lucky little spirit about to enter this world. Myriam is one of the most loving, astoundingly so, people I’ve ever known. 
Meanwhile John + True harvested all if this today from our yard!
Friends, our little curbside garden has exploded! I can hardly believe we grew all of those strawberries and greens. Super fun. 

So, not too long ago, I asked my friend Viv, queen of cool eyewear, where I should shop for some cateye glasses? Her email response was so crazy full of good info, she turned it into one super informative blog post. I took her advice and shopped the Love brand over at and am super happy with my new specs! I am digging the fun, retro look.

He's been practicing his moves. Yesterday he was strumming the guitar while playing the harmonica at the same time. When he blew hard, the harmonica flew out of his mouth and he thought that was hilarious. It's a joy to witness his joy with his musical in
This little lover crawled into our bed this morning to wake me up with the happy birthday song. #trueelioorlando #38 #birthdaysrock

Sometimes I am certain my heart is going to burst. The other day I came downstairs and he said, “Oh hello, pretty mama!” He’s all boy – never stops moving and is currently obsessed with music, instruments and bossing us around in the sweetest of ways. 
I turned 38 today and my husband surprised me with roller skates! Pink ones! With pink wheels! #ohyeahbaby #thisishappening

One of the best things about having studio mates is having co-workers to chat with, celebrate with, commiserate with.  Oh how I have missed that! And I hit the jackpot with my new space mates. Thank you new friend @pixiecampbell for the birthday flowers!

My 38th was sweet, quiet, and perfect. John surprised me with a really cool pair of pink roller skates. Oh yes, this is so happening. I’m going to be one of those neighbors rolling down the sidewalk with her 2 year old on a scooter, and her husband on a skateboard. Man, I love our little family. 
Total mess right now but soon it will be gorgeous. Shelving, check. String lights, check. #soulshinestudio @lynzeelynx @pixiecampbell @florabowley
Adore this photo capturing True checking out new view from new studio. #soulshinestudio
Tackling this side of #soulshinestudio today. I have my work cut out for me! Live this part, though.

We’ve been working really hard to get our new studio unpacked. Part of me can’t believe they’ll be four of us in this space! I’m loving having friends to co-work with. I’m loving all the space to create. I’m loving our plans for this space. I’m loving how easy it’s been, how integrated, how lovely it is to come to work during the week.

More soon, friends. I’ve got some exciting stuff to share with you!

Sending much love,

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  1. Mrs. LIAYF

    Digging the pink roller skates! I had a blue pair like those in grade school – with silver laces and silver wheels. I was styling!

    I also turned 38yo when my boy was 2. He just turned 6 and I'm about to turn 42 and we have a 8mo baby girl. When we go somewhere, he's on a scooter or bike and she's in her red wagon – so perhaps I should get some skates for me and dh too? 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    this blog post made me so happy for you!! how lovely and beautiful it all is. the pic of True in his little diaper next to the window melted my heart. i would always let me little ones run around with just a diaper on, and i've always been a little self-concious about it, it was lovely to see another mama doing the same thing. thank you

  3. Sherry Williamson

    love the glasses. Did I say love? I meant LOVE.

  4. Lisa

    Beautiful skates!

  5. Charis

    I spotted your new birthday roller skates on instagram… I'm not jealous at all! 😉


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