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Jun 23, 2014 | Life in Progress

An IG friend sent me some awesome stickers to spread around for kindness missions and lovebombs. Love them! In between all the movement as of late I lost his info (speak up/tag him if you know!) Decided to also lovebomb myself and my laptop with one true

I have this sticker on my computer – big reminder for me these days as I’m in the midst of big transition, both personally and professionally. Did I tell you I hired a business manager? It’s making a really big difference for me in the realm of focus, clarity, and management of all the moving parts of what I do. Over the years as I’ve grown my business, I’ve been really good at following my heart, but as I add new and exciting exits and roads to the large highway that is all things KRR, I have sometimes felt lost and a tiny bit directionless. It hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing as wandering (and leaping!) from exit to exit and road to road is an essential part of the process, and it’s always been so good to me. But I’m noticing I need a bit more help finding my way back to the main highway if you will (the bigger vision/mission), as well as concretely defining the new exits and paths that I want to take. I’m ready for the next big step, and I can feel myself slowly and consciously inching my way there, and getting clarity along the way. All such good stuff, good musings, good planning – but it’s definitely a process that is taking time. And I’m so grateful for the help. 

Meanwhile, my right hand girl Lacy, is leaving her position at KRR (waaa!) and setting off on a big adventure of her own (which is why I posted the job earlier this week. As much a I hate to see her go, I’m so learning that it all unfolds for our highest good. Lacy is meant to go and grow and take her big leap. And she is meant to go precisely at the time that I’m doing the same. But man, am I ever going to miss her!

New mantra. #stillness #joyjoyjoy Cc @florabowley
Speaking of big transitions…..they continue! On the house front, I’m happy to report that we finally unpacked the last box from our move a couple of days ago! There’s definitely a lot still left to do, but we’re really loving how it’s all coming together. Between work and family and wanting to squeeze out every morsel of all this amazing weather we’re having in Portland lately (priorities!), getting the new digs totally unpacked, decorated, and settled often feels like we’re crawling a mountain at a snail’s pace. We’re taking our time, though, I can’t wait to share the room tours. We bought a new couch, and friends, it’s TEAL. I love sharing small updates as we go over on Instagram (my fave). 
I had my chart read recently. Have you ever done that? FACINATING and incredibly, and I mean incredibly accurate and insightful. I learned so much about myself, or rather it was more like a confirmation and explanation of why I am the way I am. I feel quite grounded in who I am, yet I left feeling like I made so much more sense to myself, like I was given a giant celestial permission slip that I was built and meant to do and be certain things, struggle with really specific things, have tension in some parts of my life, coast in others. It’s was SO specific, so accurate, I was left in awe.

I’m in a huge self-development learning curve at the moment, so one of the things I loved about it was that it gave me really good insight on how I can maximize, and really lean into trusting certain parts of myself while also seeing and understanding the blindspots. I found it to be 100% amazing. I’ve never done anything like this before, yet I keep finding myself saying YES to things like this, to being open, to exploring. And all those yeses are leading to learnings that deeply resonated with what I know to be true. 

I have to be honest. I used to think that people who did these things (anything under the woo woo category) were searching for something that was missing. But now I’m seeing it as discovering in a deeper way not what is missing, but what is and has always been there. It’s about self development, self care, self awareness. It’s about  uncovering, unlearning, untangling down to our truest of trues, our nature, our essence. I love this particular part of the seeker’s path. I love the interior wide open spaces not yet explored, waiting to be discovered. Yes, yes, yes. 
Good morning from Hawaii!! We are here to celebrate John's 40th;)
Hello from a really good, relaxing day in HI. John turned 40 and True and I gave him a collaborative painting and we played in the sand and paddle boarded and swam in the ocean and napped in the middle of the day and talked at length about the symbolism o
Soul surfer. Seeker. Peacemaker. Sensitive soul. Creative spirit. Listener. Cheerleader. Snuggler. Skateboarder. Hummingbird magnet. Music enthusiast. Snowboarder. Teacher. Gentle papa. Seer of good. Happy 40th to my amazing partner. #loved

The three of us took a little vacation to Hawaii to celebrate John’s 40th. It was the perfect amount of relaxing, family adventures, time with friends, alone time. I especially loved that True and I fell asleep each night around 8pm and woke up around 630. BLISS. So wish I could do that in my real life. So grateful for this man and all of his 40 years. How adorbs is he?
Good morning Saturday. #letsdothis #xo

More soon! Big xo’s to you.
Kelly Rae
Ending this awesome day with a juicy book. His first one was good too. I was never a huge Rob Lowe fan until I read his books. #greatstoryteller
PS: Can we please talk about Rob Lowe? I loved his first book, and now his latest is the perfect ending to my days. I just really love the way he tells stories. I was never a big fan before I read his books, but now I’m totally going back and watching his films and shows. Love him. 

Sending much love,

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