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Nov 18, 2013 | Life in Progress

It feels like I have so much to tell you. So much.
Life has been moving at such a beautiful, swift pace lately. All good. I’ve been practicing letting go of my the need to contain it all or even capture it all, really – or that bad habit of telling myself that I’m overwhelmed (that would be my inner child in the driving seat vs my adult self – really good perspective/shift that has been hugely helpful). Dreams and ideas and life and love and work and self-care are happening over here and I’ve been in that place of taking it all in. And loving it all. 

Here’s a glimpse of my world lately when it comes to life, love, and work:

The view from here. Having one of those days where I am going through all of my notes and lists that are in my inbox, notebooks, sticky notes, and elsewhere and pulling it all together in clear priority lists marked high, medium, and low. This is how I ma
Found a little love on my way to a tea break. Hello love!It's official. I have spent three entire days radiating, #dreamingbig, getting it all out of my heart and mind and onto the wall where I would normally paint. This is all stuff that has been marinating since True was born three years ago. Something about  
I’ve been deep into visioning how I’d like to get some dreams + ideas out of my body and into the world in 2014. Last week I spent three entire days radiating, dreaming big, and getting it all out of my heart and mind and onto the wall where I would normally paint. Like, on giant pieces of paper. This is all stuff that has been marinating since True was born three years ago – book ideas, e-course ideas, speaking topics, and so much more. There’s something about True turning three, starting school, and John being firmly rooted now as a stay at home dad that makes me feel like now is the time, the season to stretch my wings.
I’ve got a plan of action friends! And my entire spirit and body feels like it’s going to burst with excitement. You know how sometimes our bodies feel the intensity of energy before big events- important conversations, nerves around new beginnings – that sort of thing? That’s what this feels like. I very much feel on the cusp of some big happenings and I can barely wait to share it with you.  HINT: Art e-course are definitely happening in early 2014. If you’re interested in taking that journey with me, please be sure to sign up for our newsletter
Today's workout kicked my bootie. I had to pull off at Starbucks on the way home and I just sat there in the car, seat reclined for a few long minutes. Been working out with a group of 2-6 ladies with a personal trainer 2-3 days/week for about a month. I
I’ve been working out with a group of 2-6 ladies with a personal trainer 2-3 days/week for about a month. I keep waiting for the workouts to get easier (strength training, circuit style) but if I’m being honest I like the feeling of being sore and having worked hard. There is something about this simple routine of going to the workouts that has created a lovely balance and efficiency to my life. That, and the eating thing. This practice is changing my life. 
Cracks me up. He has the best time. #bootrue #trueelioorlando 
And this little man. No words. Just big heart expansion deep and wide. #sigh
This little man. Sigh. We’ve been doing specific Mama + True dates during the week that have been so delighting my soul – just the two of us. Painting dates, or lunch dates, or game dates, or toy store dates – anything that feels like a mini adventure.This age (three) is blowing my mind. It all just seems so dear and sweet and cute and hilarious and loving and and and. I can barely take it. LOVE. 
Ba-bye Minneapolis. It was quick but good and inspiring.  #ilovemyjob
Did I tell you that I went to Kansas City and Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago? I was there visiting the product development teams over at DEMDACO and Sylvestri. Friends, it was inspiring. I came home feeling crazy energized about what we have in the works for 2014 – new holiday, fashion and gift products coming right up. And a brand new Garden line that you will love, love, love. You can check out a few of the sneak peeks over on my Facebook page or Instagram, too. I’ll be sharing a big sneak peek in a few weeks here on the blog, too. 
Big big BIG scheming and dreaming and planning and radiating going on over here.
The Soul Shine Studio ladies and I met for a big big BIG heart and soul project. It might take a year or two to unfold, but the vision is sacred, big, and is so gonna happen. Stay tuned. There’s nothing I love more than radiating with fellow women. Soul food. 

So glad John captured this today while I was at work. #gorgeous #trueelioorlando
Fog and color on the way to OR coast.
#sigh I love my hood and all the wet saturated colors today.

Can we talk about the weather? Because, hello beauty. I’ve been purposely taking the long way to work and the long way home and the long way to run errands just so I can see it. And can I let you in on a big secret? John and I have been looking at homes. Eeek. I said it. But something about driving around Portland neighborhoods during this time of year makes me love every single house, street, and hood. It’s stunning. We’re in no rush, but we’re beginning to put out some feelers for a new home. We’ll see what unfolds. We love our current home and it would be hard to leave, but we’re feeling it might be time to settle into the (hopefully) forever home. 

Loving our new E. A. T. letters my dad made for us! Inspired by ones we saw somewhere (cannot remember but likely Pinterest). What would you spell? #supercute
Speaking of home, I’m loving the new E.A.T. letters my dad made for us. They’re made from recycled wood. Totally love. 
#lovethemmore #allofus #airplaneears #familybed
The whole family. In our bedroom. Cozy. Happy. And a pile of clothes to put away, too. I’ve been getting into our bed early lately, to read, or watch my shows (current faves: Parenthood + Scandal). I even have a warming blanket between the sheets. Ahhhhh. It’s the little things, no?
This is gonna be good. #datenight #benharper
Ben Harper. Man, it was an awesome concert. I was so inspired by his little chats between each song. At one point he spoke about making music for 20 years and how he still gets scared every time he puts out new music or performs. The vulnerability of that truth really resonated with me. I’m still scared, too. But he also said that his job is to just show up. Just. Show. Up. Yes, yes, he’s so right. Made me love him and his music even more. Crush! 

I'll be the one walking down the sidewalk with my big art load, on the way to the art scanner!

I’ve been busy over here on the art front, too. Feels good to start working on new ideas. Always.

Around here lately: Business

– I wanted to thank you guys for your love on our new Holiday Collection. We love that you love it! We’ve been getting lots of emails and FB notes from you when you see it in stores nationwide. We love it when you share your excitement with us! (thank you).

– Speaking of holidays, we have brand new holiday prints uploaded to the shop for sale now. Aren’t they cute?
– We have less than five signed datebooks left and about 20 signed calendars left. Go get em! 
– This is our biggest season for selling signed/matted prints – thank you for thinking of us when thinking about giving art to your peeps during the holidays!
– For those of you in the Portland area, I’m so excited to announce that I will be doing an in store signing at Garden Gallery on Saturday, November 23 from 11 am – 2 pm. Would love to see you there! Address: 2967 Industrial Ave, Hubbard, Oregon 97032. They carry just about EVERY product in my lines!

And that’s the scoop of what’s been happening around here lately. I’ve been missing this space a little bit for writing and blogging. You’ll be seeing me more over here! Sending out love …. hope your around here lately’s have been bright, meaningful, and full of treasures. 

Sending much love,

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