Jan 10, 2007 | Life in Progress

i love balance. i’ve been striving for it all year, or all last year i should say. i read somewhere many months ago that if you are inspired, then you are unlikely to have balance in your life. after thinking about that for a bit, i decided it was true and i sort of gave up on trying so hard for the balance. i’ll take the inspiration instead. but today i had balance and inspiration, and now i want it everyday. eating well. exercise. getting up at a reasonable hour, but not too early. being outdoors. artmaking. taking care of business. quality time alone. quality time with john. a good phone conversation. a solo dance-a-thon in my apt. visiting with friends. doing the dishes. even cooking meals! all of this in one day, and i don’t feel tired or anxious. it was one of those well rounded days that i crave. i’ll try again for it tomorrow. feels really good.

Sending much love,

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  1. dfh








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  2. Anonymous

    You’ve hit on it – I wouldn’t give up my passion and inspiration for anything, even though they sometimes lead me to work to hard for too long and lose sight of other things. But I am learning that I can channel my passion into a life that also gives me time to eat properly, exercise, sit quietly, write, be with my loved ones and sleep!

    I was so stoked to see your comment on my blog, I’ve visited your store via Boho Girls indy business list and I love, love, love your paintings.

  3. lisa s

    I love those days…balance makes you feel so right with life. It makes those small things that creep up seem, very well, small! Balance also shows you a picture of your best self. I love those days!!! I am so glad you had one!

  4. Justin

    It’s very nice that finally you are able to maintain balance n inspiration at the sametime. Actually there is nothing like a balancd diet, regular exercise n chatting with friends. all this brings a certain kind of mental peace.

    gud job
    keep going!

  5. Anonymous

    oh, i love those days..

  6. Anonymous

    did you get my emails?

  7. Anonymous

    Inspiration that stems from imbalance is great. But inspiration from balance is just as good, in my opinion.

  8. deirdre

    Oh, I love days like that. A sense of accomplishment and creativity. If only those days would happen more often. I’d be one happy girl.

  9. kelly

    crap – where did i put
    that? i have been missing
    that for about 6 months!


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