Jun 11, 2008 | Life in Progress

just want to say how proud i am of friends liz elayne and stephanie lee for conquering the farm chicks show this weekend (i SO want to do it next year). and to pal mati rose for being featured as the next big thing (she is SO the next big thing!). and to swirly girly for her book release soon (she’s also featured in my book!). i am always amazed at what the women in my life are doing. so, so cool.
would love to know what small (or big) celebrations are in your world this week. i love celebrations. i really do. i celebrate anything and everything, even the tiniest accomplishment. they all matter.

Sending much love,

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  1. stacy kathryn

    I’m celebrating taking the big leap and pursuing my art full-time. Also a baby celebration to all the inspiration that has surrounded me lately. Including your story, you are such an inspiration to me.

  2. vanessavoss

    Hello Kelly, I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now 🙂

    Your post made me laugh because all week I’ve been telling people that I think people should celebrate life more, especially the little things… and this weekend mum and I are throwing a ‘Tooth Party’ because my 9 month old daughter and my 8 month old nephew have just recently gotten their first tooth. So we are really excited about that! haha 🙂

  3. Lina

    I am celebrating my birthday this week! Kicked off the festivities at karaoke last night with a few friends and tonight me and my best girl are going out on the town! Lovin my birthday weekend so far!

  4. Tamsie

    Celebrating my dear Sister. Booked my trip to visit her in September. France for three weeks. That is a true celebration.
    Celebrating health. Started a weight loss challenge at work with three other women. Realistic goals and great support.
    Celebrating me. Started Louise Hays workbook: Heal Your Life.
    Yep, a great week.

  5. Carmen

    You are such a breath of fresh air Kelly. I always look forward to reading your blog posts, they are always full of passion, encouragement and absolute inspiration!

    Today I am celebrating my new outlook and the direction I’m taking my life!

    Have a safe trip home.



  6. Heather,

    Am celebrating that I am healthy and can use that to do something in the world by riding in the Tour de Tucson…109 mile bicycle ride…and raising money for cancer research. My new blog about this endeavor:

  7. Jes

    Oh that show looked so FABULOUS! I just want to go with lots of money in pocket!!

  8. marybethvolpini

    I received word that I will have my first piece published in the next Somerset Studios issue.
    I started a blog after reading your article and have been linking to many others- both creative and cancer related. I was just asked to be part of a new blog
    So thank you so much – you are such an inspiration to me and much of it started with your articles.

  9. Teresa Sheeley ~ French Poppy

    I was lucky enough to meet Liz this weekend at the Farm Chicks show, she is delightful. I didn’t get to introduce myself to Stephanie, but did get to see her beautiful work. It was a great weekend. And by the way I love your Mom’s work!


  10. justagirl

    Well in our world it is birthday month… everyone (except me) is having a birthday in our house.

    Ben soon to be 3 wants a robot cake, Hannah soon to be 15 wants money so she can buy a BMX bike (good grief) and my Partner soon to be 37 wants to be younger.

    I am also having a personal celebration, selling several works on Etsy, yay yay yay for me.


  11. malissa32

    I started back to the gym this week after being away for over a month and I have gone twice this week! 🙂 Celebrate everything! Love your blog!

  12. Jennifer/The Word Cellar

    Today I’m celebrating the two-year anniversary of leaving my “day job” to be a fulltime freelance writer! I didn’t even realize it was today until just now. But I’d already celebrated unknowingly by going to my favorite cafe for lunch and then to a local berry farm for two quarts of bright red strawberries and some “me” time in the outdoor cafe, enjoying the warm breeze. I think a celebratory dinner of Chinese food is in order now!


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