brave in all things

Apr 1, 2009 | Life in Progress

brave in all things...
(it reads, “brave in all things” – inspired by a very special mantra necklace my friend liz made for me many months ago. i’ve been thinking about her a lot lately as i head off to artfest where we first met three years ago. she’s been my art world/retreat partner-in-crime ever since, and i will miss her so much this week as i head off without her.)
so, my parents have been visiting us here in seattle for the last few days. my mom and i have fluffed a bit (as in sprucing, rearranging, and all things decor and house). she’s who i got the decorating gene from and it’s always delightful to have her come and get crafty with me. yesterday, in no time flat, she made these most adorable cafe curtains for our kitchen out of scrap fabric. the woman loves to do things like this and i always feel really lucky when she visits and cutefies everything she touches. greggie, my beloved stepdad, is happiest when he’s building something, fixing something, or playing outdoors (long distance roller blading…yes roller blading in his 60s!) so we’ve put him to work on a few projects in between long walks and hikes with our dog, bella (no roller blading in rainy seattle this week).
that’s where i’ve been. just enjoying their company, whether we’re cozied up in the house all day or out and about. i adore them so much. i really do. mom and i are headed to artfest in the morning. i took her last year for her 60th birthday and she loved it so much, she’s going back with me again this year. i have a feeling i’ll return home this weekend with many photos and stories and moments that will stay with me always. artfest is like that. super memorable and meaningful. i can’t believe this will be my 4th year attending. wow.
see you on the flip side, peeps. hope you are having a great week. and that you are feeling brave in all things.

Sending much love,

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