the breath of a routine

Mar 19, 2008 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

i’ve been all over the place lately in my thoughts and daily activity. frenetic would be a good word to describe it – a lot to juggle right now, but in a good way. last nite i was thinking about really breathing into my life. about how i want to stay inside the breath and depth of it. i’m totally ok with being fluttered lately, but i really do appreciate those slower times when i deeply feel the moment. my bff gave me this book recently and i’m really feeling the impulse to devour it right now. it’s time!

so, to go along with my random train of thought lately, here are some very random snippets and photos of life lately:
because i’m completely obsessed with spaces lately (seeing how and where people work/live), here’s another glimpse of my studio table. it’s not too messy! if you want to see a really messy studio space (my messiest ever), head over to modish where the lovely jena featured my little corner (thank you, jena!).

totally loving the time in the studio lately. also still loving the feeling of creating and then finishing a piece. it makes me beam for the entire next day.
another peak into my working area – this is where you can find me for several hours of the week. sunshine coming in. computer on hand. organizer next to it. water. cup of tea. notice my schedule on the tv? i totally rewrote it recently. if you look closely, you’ll see my daily must do’s: exercise, stretch, floss, vitamins, tea (green + white), antioxidants, wine, PT moves (as in physical therapy). because i’ve struggled with finding my groove/schedule, i’m fascinated by the schedules of those who work from home. if you look even closer, you’ll see the exquisite pocketbook that my art pal alisa gifted me recently. alisa also has book coming out soon, and she’s been a huge inspiration to me in art and life. a dear, dear soul.
and this is where you can find my dog, bella. almost always on her bed (or our bed) with her beloved sock monkey. so sweet. she’s getting older now and starting to snore. it’s loud, but so endearing.

found this heart yesterday on my walk. love that it’s below graffiti. this is so oakland, california!

other randomness:
loving the blogs of these women lately. they all inspire me to be a better story teller. they all have children, something we are trying to sort out for ourselves. this also lends itself to my feeling all over the place, for sure, but i love how these women seem to hold their lives with meaning and family.

i am still in love with possibility. and becoming an adult. the last two days have been really focused on these two things…in the best of ways. lots in the works. lots of possibilities. love this part of my days.

Sending much love,

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  1. justagirl

    Seeing your work spaces reminded me of a friend who had an idea to curate an exhibition on artists workbooks/studios, I was wondering whether you use a workbook for all your ideas or thoughts?

    I need my routines, I work partime, but I am sure if I didn’t I would find it harder to organise myself. I would get sidetracked easily. But I can see myself working from home in the near future now. It feels a little scary though.

    I do this thing when I feel I am putting things off, I say to myself that if I do this today it will make the Katherine of tomorrow happy as it will be one less thing to do, silly I know…

    Bella looks like a real sweetie…

  2. Katrina

    fun to see your “messy” and “clean” work spaces. i love it! congrats on all your energy and inspirations and also sifting through your new schedule too. i think i’m finally emerging from the world of the flu. hope to see you soon. maybe at kelly’s on saturday? xoxo, k.

  3. tami r.

    kelly, your doggie is so precious and i just LOVE your art! i wish i could sit and watch you work at your art desk, thanks for sharing photos! you are SO talented.
    tami r.

  4. Kirsten Michelle

    so inspiring, this little peak into your creative spaces.

    happy spring, beautiful you!

  5. Colorsonmymind

    I love seeing your space. It inspires me to change mine around some.

    I don’t have my work and creative space separate, which causes a lot of mess!

    The schedule-hmmmm, I covet your organization, hee hee, truly-I want to work on one myself once these shifts are more settled.

    You are beautiful in so many ways.

    Love to you

  6. Deirdre

    I love taking little peeks into studios – it makes me a little envious. In a good way.

    Bella is really, seriously too cute. And the sock monkey, omg! Years ago I had a dog who snored so loudly the bed shook. The cat snored too.

  7. Carolyn

    Oooo your pup is so cute. and your workspace: so lovely!
    I have not worked outside of the home since November (when my baby-girl was born) and it is strange but wonderful. I am on her schedule now. When I think I’ve got a moment to paint she needs me almost automatically. I have to do a lot of painting after 9pm because she will not nap during the day for longer than 30 minutes. I think my work has gotten better for it. It’s more necessary to use the time I have more productively. I’ve learned to SLOW DOWN and ENJOY soothing her and spending quiet moments.and then hurry up and WORK that creativity when she’s snooozin’!

  8. Jennifer/The Word Cellar

    I work from home and my schedule is all kerflooey most days. I’m trying to set better boundaries between work and non-work, and to organize my time so that I don’t feel like I’m all over the place all the time. I love the freedom to set my own schedule, but too often that results in no schedule at all. And that leaves me feeling unfocused and restless.

  9. liz elayne

    love these glimpses into your space and world…

    and, because of your inspiration, i am trying to do that routine thing as well…thanks for that.


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