cards (finally) and a bit of silly.

Apr 25, 2008 | Life in Progress

you guys have been asking for them, and they’re finally here – i’ve listed what seems like a million cards in my etsy shop. no, really it’s just a little over 100, but still – a ton of cards. i think they’re rather cute and they’re super high quality – just like my regular prints, but card size. i think they’d make great everyday cards (they’re blank inside), but i also think they would make great little framed collections, like in a frame like this. either way, get em’ while you can as i won’t be listing hand-made cards again any time soon. check em out!

i’ve also added these new prints to my etsy shop, too.

spent the day on the computer doing etsy updates, website updates, and on and on. sometimes, i really like these task-oriented days. today was a good one.

also had a heart to heart with john. i love that boy.

today, my trainer said “i need to give you some words.” he then went into an endearing, but funny explanation: “words” meaning “internal dialogue” meaning “pump yourself up words” meaning “a mantra” for when you really need to push yourself. it all had me daydreaming about gathering a collection of what we all say to ourselves when we really need to push through something that is physically hard. i bet many of our “words” are hilarious. i used to say to myself “suck it up, girly, suck it up” and then i moved on to “fight for this. remember, you want jennifer aniston arms!” and then it was “you can do this. you will do this. you are doing this!” anyway, i have no idea where this is coming from (i’m totally cracking myself up over here), but feel free to join in the crack-ups and list your “words” – i’d love to know. maybe you can help me with finding new ones.

i’m all sillyness tonight…

Sending much love,

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  1. ViLMuS


    Tu trabajo es muy bello!!

    Ahora estas en mis favoritas!!!

    Un abrazo desde Chile.


  2. Megan

    De-lurking to say…

    “put your big girl panties on, and deal with it!”


    tee hee

  3. Colorsonmymind

    the cards are wonderful. I am going to order a few now. What wonderful little gifts to send out-and to keep 🙂

  4. parisa mahmoudi

    So glad to find out your blog 🙂
    (At first I saw your Art work on Illustration Friday.)
    Best Wishes

  5. Lucy

    Love your cards–they came out so nice!!

    Right now, I’m reading the book, The Secret. So, I’m not sure this is really a mantra, but I’m subscribing to the words “You need to Believe in order to Receive.” Believe in yourself, your dreams, and put things in place in your life in order to receive them! Believe it has already happened and with positive thoughts, doors start to open for you.

  6. Cath Sheard

    Isn’t it funny what we use to motivate ourselves? I don’t think Jennifer’s arms are quite such a motivator here in new Zealand 😉
    The cards look fantastic (had to drop into your etsy store for a look).

  7. julie king

    your cards are wonderful!

    i have two faves in the words category:

    1) get over yourself! when i’m taking myself too seriously or being a baby

    2) it’s all about choices. i’m BIG on this one. we are each where we are today (good or bad) because of the choices we’ve made. pure and simple! so make your choices the best they can be in that moment and time.

  8. Robin Westphal

    Love your site and your art KellyRae. I like to say to myself “Do your best” … in a zen like tone but my friend always says “suck it up, buttercup”… I use that more for when I’m being whinny. cheers

  9. Jennifer Cailin

    well speaking of silly, the mantra in our house: at the end of starsky and hutch “the film” ben stiller orders a drink in his cowboyish disguise, and says “DO IT DO IT” to the waitress in a deep and odd voice, tipping his head up (anyone see this? or are we completely immature?). DO IT DO IT has become our no nonsense (well very nonsense) way of dealing with anything from emptying the dishwasher to rallying for a workout.

  10. Heather

    wow, the cards look gorgeous! They turned out beautifully 🙂
    BTW..I want jennifer aniston arms too 😉

  11. Adrienne

    I’m pretty hard on myself and I tend to talk about and complain and explain things and then I finally say to myself. “Quit talking, shut up and do something”!

  12. Jessica

    That totally reminds me of something my best friend had our whole group of roommates doing in college. She went through this phase when whenever she walked past a mirror she would jokingly tell herself, “Girl, you look GOOD!” Soon we were all doing it at random times–in public ladies rooms, reflective store windows, rearview mirrors, you get the idea. Does it still count as an affirmation if you say it out loud??

  13. passionsofanoddchick

    I’m so excited about your cards. I will also let my daughter know as she loves everything you do.

    As far as motiviation – I have a vision of a young boy I saw on the front of a magazine on two prosthetic legs that is just so happy because he is running. When my legs get tired or I’m feeling lazy I think of him. I also have a vision of a young lady who pushes herself all though our little town on a scooter board with just her arms- so brave and determined. If they can do it with everytning made extremely hard then my human spirit can match the health I still retain in my own body and legs… and I push on.

  14. dori

    “Just do it!” I know it is a corporate slogan for Nike but I like it. I say in my head with this funny low voice. It is so simple and for me I also hear the unexpressed phrase “no excuses, OK?”

  15. Mary Beth

    I love the cards… What source did you use to have them printed? I also loved your magnets.Would you mind sharing what scanner and printer that you use for your prints? You are such an inspiration to me to try and move myself forward in the art world. I just keep thinking one step at a time – I guess that mantra works for me as I jog also!!


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