Hello friends. I am home from a few days of camping in the woods with my family and am just now settling into a new rhythm since all the traveling this month, bday celebrations (thank you for all the bday love last week), and bustle of work and life happenings. I cut off my hair, too. I feel MUCH more like myself with this do.

I’ve been feeling reflective about the next season of life for me and my family. We are heading toward a much simpler life and that comes with a lot of important questions: Are we living the life we actually want to be living or are we being called into Mystery and Newness? What are the ways we can simplify and be more engaged in our experiences here on Earth? How can we give thanks for all the ways in which we have built an amazing life while also staying open to new possibilities? How can we let go of what is no longer serving us so that we can deepen and expand our time here? Big transitions are emerging. I can feel it.

Clarity is rushing in. In all the ways. I can tell 43 is going to be a fantastic year

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