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Jun 6, 2010 | Life in Progress

(23 weeks. i know, i know. i’m looking big ๐Ÿ™‚

i wasn’t really sure what to expect but the work (heart + soul) i’ve been doing over at the e-course is way beyond anything i imagined. my only other reference point for an experience like this is when i was writing my book under a deadline. that experience was tough (though incredibly worth it) but i’m learning now that it prepared me for this experience and let me tell you…this ecourse, the writing, the preparing, the creativity, the managing, the heart + soul, the keeping up – it’s stretching me in ways that are showing myself to myself. i’m learning about my capacity to write my heart out under pressure, to challenge myself to keep the content meaningful yet practical, to hold all the questions and energy coming my way. it’s so very very good, but it’s easily the hardest, most invigorating, joyous, exhausting, inspiring thing i’ve done in a long, long time. ultimately, no matter how hard the work is, i think it’s important for us to have experiences like these where we unexpectedly find ourselves pushing up against some serious edges that, when pushed through, show us our extended horizons. and better yet, i couldn’t have asked for a more awesome group of students to give this course an insane amount of good energy, passion, and comfort to one another. the connecting is so special. i can’t help but think all of this good energy and inspiration is keeping my little baby company in utero. i hope he’s soaking it all up. and it’s SO nice to have a creative outlet while all my paints are still in storage. the writing alone has been so good for my creative soul.

so today, as i came up for air and celebrated one amazing week, the sun actually came out in portland (it’s been WEEKS, people. weeks.) and john and i hopped in our vw bus and went outside to enjoy the sunshine. it was heaven. farmers markets, walks in our soon to be neighborhood (!), outside art markets, a nap, good food, ahhhhhhhhhh. it’s amazing how ONE day of sunshine and a break can sustain me. thank you, sunshine!

Sending much love,

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